Monday, November 11, 2013

The Heartbeat

Horror in the eyes of the beholder
The heart never stumbles but it can tremble
If its beat stops, then life is over
But give it a scare and life experiences something new
That sensation, a fear rather than happiness
Run as fast as the heart can
Close the eyes and dream of it stopping all at once
Fear can consume the mind
Make the heart do unbelievable things
A rush of blood to other organs
While the throat clenches for air
Tiny hairs take a stand
Fingers tremble hard enough to drop
Terror seeps into the mind
Where the mind will never sleep
Thoughts rush to the heart
Creates a paranoia feeling
Where eyes wished they were in the back
Instead of the front
Horror brings upon many unfathomable emotions
It does not stop the heart
It keeps it going
Beating for its life

It was late when writing this and I started reading some H.P. Lovecraft inspired stories. I hope they don't scare me, but they probably will.

I hope you enjoy!

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