Friday, December 20, 2013

A Belligerent Child

Life, unknown to the belligerent child
Sighs in happiness, shrouds in its sleep
The world is more than their sea or oyster
Unexpected events will cause them succeed and fail

Mother and father can calm the child
But what of the future mistakes that will question society
Consequences must be taught through self-pity
Broken hearts will mend the weaklings, the undesirables

Once the child finds a worthy accompanist
Mother and father will no longer matter
The younger the other child the worst off the parents
The older the other child the worst off the parents

Parents cannot win, only fall between the core and weeds
They can guide their child, raise them as they were
But who will resistant who, a thin line drawn
If the parents disobey, the child will do the same

The belligerent child chooses to find happiness
Their parents will be by their side through success or failure
While the world starts to come apart at the seams
The child understands that the world is their own

I wrote many of the upcoming poems on my plane ride from and to Seattle. I cannot remember much of the inspiration. I think a rowdy child on the plane helped me write this one.

I hope you enjoy!

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