Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Love Letter

Dear Love, I cherish the afterthought your afterbirth. The child shall be strong like me and cunning like you. I apologize if our child becomes nothing more than a homicidal maniac; it does run in the family. My great-aunt Gretchen once killed the neighbor’s dog for frolicking in the bushes late in the evening. Her half-brother Bill sliced the ear off his childhood friend because he would not listen to a word he said.

Of course, they are not the worst in the bunch. I remember seeing my brother, Lenard, kill rodents for the fun of it. If one appeared in our midst, I prayed for it to run as far as its little legs could. My step-mother, Denise, once removed, enjoyed sawing dolls head’s off. She thought that each one had a living spirits inside of it. My sister, Darla, never had a complete doll in her childhood.

My Love, do not worry though. I do not have any weird problems like the rest of them. I may be crazy, but I am crazy in love with you. The jury had me all wrong. I did not run over any bystanders in that church parking lot. They jumped in front of our SUV while I tried to dodge them the best I could.
Not Crazy, Your Loving Husband
Prison Inmate 251025

I am not sure how this prose poem came to mind while I was on the plane. It was a fun one to write though.

I hope you enjoy!

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