Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An Upset Stomach

I roasted a pig under my truck
The wife came out and screamed "Oh, Yuck!"
I told her the taste is out of this world
She nearly believed me and let out a hurl

I asked a neighbor if they had any napkins
They did not hear me as I yelled like a captain
My wife was still spilling out all of her guts
The more she sees it, the more I'm out of luck

I flagged down a neighbor coming home from the grocery
I yanked for some bags until they hit me with hosiery
They were not too happy as they told me to get off their lawn
It is time to panic since my wife won't last long

Finally some clothes that were flung in the street
I darted for them stumbling over my own feet
As I arrived a young child yelled to his mother
Who cares what they see, my wife is out of order

I gave my wife some children's clothes I found
She started to vomit even more with a frown
I took the shirt that I gave my poor wife
It smelled like dog shit, that ended my life

I decided to have fun with this one. Sure it is nasty, but it was still fun to write. I hope you do not have a weak stomach when you read this.

I hope you enjoy!

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