Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Flock

A rebel by day, a do-gooder by night
I flourish the sky with adolescence
Flight school was hard at first
But I graduated top in my class
I have thirty confirm hits
All in a twenty day period
I am most proud of bulls eyes
They are never easy since
The wind and human’s speed
Can be erratically different
The younger the human
The more predictable the shot
I take precedence with each confirm hit
I try to holler for fellow comrades
One day, I will fly into a home
And show these humans who I really am
Wait, what is this, finally an opening
Don’t be fooled George
There is an invisible force field

I have dreamed of flying someday. As a bird though? No. However, I do hope this goes on in their head.

I hope you enjoy!

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