Saturday, December 28, 2013

Different Sex Marriage

Stop-Motion commuting from one place to another never gets old
Her fever is high and if I am not there, her old bag of a mother tends to her
Not to say her mother is unthinkably he worst woman in the world
But in this terrible reality, she is undoubtedly the worst person in the world
It all started when I asked her daughter for her hand in marriage
Word got out about my past life that I am not proud of, an experimental stage
My past boyfriends would most likely appreciate my current find and catch
In matter of fact, she has met some of my past lovers who enjoy poking fun at me
A story here and there is not so bad, until they come off snobby and jealous
I like to think of myself as a catch unless the tides breaks just right
Then, and only then, do I like to do the fishing since my wife was a hard one to handle
When she found out about my rocky past with passions that seemed abnormal
She was scared, horrified and crying day-in and day-out until she finally broke
We stopped seeing each other for a good month or two until I built up the courage
I explained to her that thing are different, life has worked in mysterious ways
We both grew up catholic and while I may be looked down upon
I want her to hold her head up high since my life is much better with her
Again though, her mother does not agree with any of my sediments
I have been yelled at, hit, cursed, and most recently, shunned from her church
No bother though because I love my wife and will protect her from someone so evil
My mother taught me to always cherish whoever I love no matter gender or race

I am not sure what was going on in my head. I think this is a pretty interesting story out of many things I have written.

I hope you enjoy!

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