Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Grambling Gambling

The rambling man is a Grambling fan
Who lives and breathes Louisiana

Black and Gold, a ferocious hold
Tigers rise over opponents scold

The marching band performance unmatched
They play the big stage for presidencies parades

Willie Davis and Mr. Brown
Dominated the field and was the best around

Willis Reid was a prodigy
Who's style of play is a beautiful marquee

They opened their doors in 1901
Each year they always impress everyone

The rambling man never attended Grambling
But still lives and breathes Louisiana's gambling habits

I am not sure why I wanted to write about Grambling State University. It sounds like a great university after doing some research about it. I thought, why not have a man who rambles on about Grambling, but never actually attended. He just likes to bet on their games.

I hope you enjoy!

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