Saturday, December 28, 2013

Italic Meetings

Infidels, lend me your ears
No, Bob, you are not an infidel
Tony, yes, you are one
Mary, I’ve told you every day of our existence what you are
Brother Michael, who is not really my brother, you are not
Little Sally, your mother can answer that question
Bobbie, I told you before, you are not an infidel
Father Zachery, why would you be considered an infidel
Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, yes, you are one
Linda, are we not related
No people, our canines have no say what they are
Why would they be for or against this issue
Felines, let’s say they are for, actually
Is everyone done talking aloud
Infidels, it has come to my understanding that
No, for the third time Bob, you are NOT an infidel

This is an experimental poem I was working on when coming back home from Portland. I could not really think about what to write, so I decided to make it a speech about infidels.

I hope you enjoy!

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