Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Making my way through the court, I see
A youngin looking at my clean sneaks
They depict a man jumping in the air
The child comes up and yells, "Jordan," I'm unaware
I told the child that it was just a man with a ball
The child was more fascinated with the fact I'm tall
He must think I am a basketball player withdrawn
My shoes look tight, sleek, and clean
The child proclaims I am wearing Jordan's unseen
I am still confused, but walk away
While the little child follows me around all day
I told him that I did not know of any Jordan
The child starts to cry, likewise I feel torn up
I pick up the child so he could dunk the ball
He hops around with glee from feeling so tall
The child approaches me and what does he say
"You are Michael Jordan," thanks for the cliche

I thought of a twist at the very end. The man wearing the shoes is actually LeBron James when he was very young. I am pretty sure that he wore Jordan's in his youth, so I thought I would let the child believe his was the real Michael Jordan. The best part is that LeBron is called the next Jordan too.

I hope you enjoy!

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