Monday, December 30, 2013

Married To The Job

A lucky rabbit's foot dangles from her ear
She has beautiful brass rings on her fore fingers
On top of her collarbone lies a diamond pendant
Its chain resembles her golden hair, thin and pungent
Her ring fingers are empty for no one has proposed
She has obtained all of her jewelry from clients

One day as she was seeing a client for the tenth time
He proposed to her with a beautiful white gold ring
Before she could say yes, she had to call someone
The terrible person on the other line said it would cost
She took the ring and said yes jumping with joy
The man was going to have to pay for her release

The terrible person who was on the line accepted his cash
She fell in love with him as she once fell in love before
The clientele was much cleaner and sweeter
Pay was better than ever and she could afford more jewelry
She was married to her job no matter the expense

I saw a lucky rabbit's foot on a keychain while watching a television show. It kind of went from there off the deep end.

I hope you enjoy!

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