Saturday, December 28, 2013

Only God Forgives

The reverend always told me to never fight
God will save me, he will touch the sinful
And smite all who stand in his or my way
I was in my first fight at age twelve
I followed my reverend’s orders
And did not take a swing at the bigger bully
Instead, I prayed so hard that I was speaking
The bully told me I was saying gibberish
Which was not true at the time
I was praying for the bully’s soul to burn
Burn in hell along with every wrong-doer
He laughed in my face and knocked me down
I was on my back for nearly five minutes
And my face was blown up like a balloon
I spoke to the reverend and told him what happened
He said I did the right thing, by not hitting back
I reiterated the fact that I prayed so hard
Yet, God did nothing to help me in my time in need
The reverend said something that I will never forget
“Only God Forgives”
From that moment on, I decided to not only pray
For my enemies and a swift death
I made sure of their death to be quick

The movie inspired me on this one. Only God Forgives is a classic in my book even if it hard to understand and follow.

I hope you enjoy!

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