Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sideways Father

The tantalizing baby cheers her father on
She cries, laughs, and hops for joy
The world is a big unknowing to her
Without hesitation, she falls by the wayside
Her father is now sideways and she giggles
Never has she seen her father like this
She starts to drool from one end of her mouth
Her feet are looking for balance
Her father comes over and picks her up
She left the floor faster than ever before
The room looked eerily familiar
A man she has seen before appeared
He held something she could not recognize
The pain was unbearable and she screams
This goes on for years to her understanding
She is calm when she sees her father sideways again

I wonder what goes on in a baby's head. I doubt newborns think like this, but getting the feel of how they see could be marvelous.

I hope you enjoy!

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