Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Forbidden River

The river flows with the inability to create new life
Only pure, bland, clear water roams these lands
Animals drink the water while people worship it
The people know that if they have a drink
A great evil will be bestowed upon the village
Once, a weary travel drank from the forbidden river
Instead of dying from the tasteless water
His family was plagued and soon died upon his return
The surrounding animals never faced dire consequences
They drank it like it was their only life source
Much later, people tried to drink from the river once again
This time they decided to test its nutrients and detain it
They had thousands of trucks absorb the water
With each test, they knew it could be a liable resource
The more they drain the water, the more the inhabitants died
Instead of cursing just one person or group of people
This water source is cursing the world

I thought about a river and went from there. I hate how we use so much water. We will most likely kill ourselves by the loss of water before pollution.

I hope you enjoy!

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