Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Two Pronged Forum

A two pronged idea popped into his head
He saw it from one point while referring to a thread
The idea is contort with feelings aside
Abide by the laws is like being torn from the inside
He knew that the idea was an itch he had to scratch
Instead of writing from his own words, he created a match
This other personality was him twofold
A little more persistent and a little more controlled
He spoke with his heart with this new personality
The others would respond with a new mentality
People started following him more than before
He adored the new followers, but no one knew him anymore
His other personality was in shambles with no responses
People no longer questioned him with subtle nuances
Instead of closing that account, he let the other live in infamy
He let himself down instead of coming to an epiphany

I like to comments on some blogs and wonder if people make dummy accounts who like to be more controversial. It reminds of Ender's Game with the politics.

I hope you enjoy!

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