Friday, December 20, 2013

Where To Next

The tackiest of tacky seats stare back at me
Each line portrays a different color of sunlight
I am tired of staring at these seats
They tell me to go here and there, without hesitation
Whenever I have a break, I am normally sitting
With the tacky seats oozing with excitement
I believe they scream for my eyes to be onlookers
No matter how hard I hit them, they keep their shape
It is unworldly how these seats never have creases in them
People sit in them constantly, probably doing the same thing as me
I have one job and that is to stare at the back of this seat
Every plane ride is exactly the same
I hate my job

The seats in the planes sucked. I hated staring at them since they all looked the same. Long plane rides can make you go insane.

I hope you enjoy!

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