Friday, December 20, 2013

You Know, Someone Famous

In mid-flight, the unimaginable happened
I saw him staring back at me with those blue eyes
Did he notice when I glanced elsewhere with confusion
He yelled for me to come over, but I acted like I didn't hear anything
A piece of paper fell into my lap as I stared at my tablet
The paper said, "I know you know, so why don't you, you know"
I hate it when I see this phrase "you know"
Do people know when they use this phrase that the other person doesn't understand
The matter-of-fact could be that I know who he is
However, what can justify with just one stare
Even if I do know who he is, I don't know what I'm supposed to do
Does the "you know" mean for me to come over and appear knowledgeable of who he is
Maybe throw him under the bus and act shocked while others notice who he is
"You know" I do know who he is, but I choose not to visit with him
Those gorgeous blue eyes will have to find another onlooker
Another piece of paper fell into my lap
The paper said, "Thanks for noticing," signed, "You know"

I hate it when you think you see someone famous, and it is not them. The worst part is if you find someone who is semi-famous and want to be noticed.

I hope you enjoy!

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