Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do Not Brand Me

Why would you brand me?
An uneasy feeling creeps up
Why would you brand me?
Tell me your wildest desires
Why would you brand me?
Unknown to the entire situation
Why would you brand me?
This is no "badge of honor"
Why would you brand me?
Stiff as a board, I long no more
Why would you brand me?
The subtle pain is unbearable
Why would you brand me?
My anger is overwhelming
Why would you brand me?
For shits and giggles
I am leaving 

I think I could put this under the experimental poetry category. I am impressed with the look of it and the quick ending. When I read over this, I can see how straight forward it can be, but also how vague it can read too. I had fun with this one, and it was not easy. I was actually inspired to write this, so I would like to thank them.

Life has been pretty good. My hand hurts after writing so many notes for work. I believe I have wrote more in the past few days than I have in a month of college. Also, do yourself a favor and watch The Americans. It was a great pilot episode. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What is Song

Incorporate a song within a song
What do you get?
A songception? A new perception?
A misguided intellection that makes the song sound brand new?

Change one note within a song
What do you get?
A new interpretation? A different situation?
A misinterpreted progression that makes the song sound like a carbon copy?

Exchange your lyrics within a song
What do you get?
A parody? A subtle hilarity?
A flawed heresy that makes the song not your own but gimmicky?

Everything in music has been done in some shape or form
The formality issues never seem to be uniformed
Uniformity will never cease to amaze the artist
Artistry is what makes music have a voice

I do feel this way about music most days. We have all heard a song incorporated into another song. For example, many hip-hop/rap artist love using samples from other musicians. It is not a big deal, but only if they pull it off correctly. Changing one note in the song can date back to the Queen/Vanilla Ice debacle. Finally, exchanging your lyrics in a song that was written by someone else is pretty much all that Weird-Al does. Everything has been done before when it comes to music. Go back and listen to some of the most well known classical pieces and you may understand a little better.

I decided to write one more poem today to get all caught up! I think this one turned out alright. It was fun to speak my mind more so than write a poem in a way. I do feel this way a lot of the time when it comes to music. Well, I hope you enjoy!

Internet Dating

Another disappointment, uh oh
The man starts falling after browsing for women
The page says, "click here"
A chat box pops up, but what should he say?
Hello? How's it going? What's your sign?
Only donors with a heavy heart can give out this information

Set an appointment, uh oh
The man starts flirting after finding the woman
He starts off nice and easy,
But things escalate quicker than he imagined
Good night. Sweet dreams. Good luck.
Only egotistical trumpet players can portray sensitivity

Make an announcement, uh oh
The man starts longing after seeing his woman
Each day feels like an eternity
The less he knows, the better the show
Good morning. How's your day? Have I told you?
Only risk takers can make the best situations meaningful

This poem is odd. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I did enjoy making some of the lines in each stanza coincide with the previous stanza. After I came up with the first line of the poem, I just thought of the rest. My mind does seem to be going places every now and then.

This is an update for yesterday. I am one poem behind still, but I will try to update here in a bit. I have been very busy. I had tons of training today and I am worn out. I hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Modnar (Random)

Uppercut, apricot, locksmith, paper trail
Toe nail, taper mail, Tell-tall, laughing track
Battle hack, better bat, black tie, suicide

Hammer shine

Words, rhythm, rhyme, redefine
What words rhyme with
Coincide with
Shine with
Dine with
I'm with-
Out faults
On the line
My foot faults
Never be mine
Until the court sighs
Where did the tennis ball

I have no idea what this is. I believe it is called experimental poetry so really, is there meaning to what I wrote? Probably not. I had lots of ideas in my head and threw them out there for everyone to see. I relate to many different attributes, but it does show how my mind wonders.

Life is pretty good. I'm playing some darts tonight as I did last night, and I think I'm getting better. I'm finally understanding strategy behind the darts, and that is important when you compete with other people. I better get my "go hard" attitude on. It is time to eradicate the competition. This poem is for last night. If I have time, I'll do another update tonight. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dry Satire

Incredible satire without the nonsense of dry humor
Mixed with a judicial system where sufferers are
The top dog in every which-way conversation

A judge can perceive, persuade, and perpetuate any
Perpetrator that prolongs perpendicular peons playing
Pill poppers pillaging persistent people

Why not ask and receive special treatment when it
Pertains to humorous situations and stillness in one’s
Voice, vernacular and violent tendencies

Take for granted the granite of grading grueling
Guests, gills, and gratitude that was shown in every
Intense instance instead of involving innocence

This judicial system called satire can be as dry as the
drug doing duo and top dog where every which-way
Conversation exceeds the nonsense of sufferers


This was really fun to write. I used so much alliteration that it could make any English student’s head hurt. The second and fourth stanzas were really fun to figure out. I believe many people use dry humor and satire together when it matters most. However, we should not judge the humor if we do not understand it. What may be funny to you may not be funny to me. Take for example “The Room.” How many of you have heard of this hilarious movie? How many of you hate this movie? How many of you would even give it a chance? Check it out, you may be surprised.

I am finally caught up. Yes, I’m nearly an hour late to updating this for yesterday, but I’m glad the poem turned out like I never imagined. I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Clothes That Where You

Written on the wall I find it
Odd that exuberant shawl
Lined with silk and I’m appalled
By everything thing you wear

Take off that hat so I can
Throw is out the window into
The ocean where it belongs
I’m through with it lingering around

What is this on the ground I can see
Why it is laying around to me
You like to be messy when I
Get home from the gym

I’m tired of this attire I try to
Never seem sour and take
Nothing for granted but your
Clothes light a fire under me


I saw a book with the word “wall” written on it so that’s how I got the first line. After that, I wanted something to rhyme with “wall” so I thought of “shawl.” That’s pretty much how this poem came to be. I’m not sure why the person hates these clothes, but they sound nice to me. Weird where my mind runs to when I have zero inspiration.

I’m doing pretty well. I’m back in my hometown tonight where I’m packing. I have a lot most stuff than I ever imagined. The future is bright for me, so watch out World. I will try to update again tonight since this poem is for yesterday. I hope you enjoy!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Search North

Head North past the playground
You may find what you are looking for
There are some woods
But do not fret for
A foreseer knows you are coming

Ask the questions you have been pondering
About since your childhood
Things that never made sense
Things that were nonexistent
Things that make you ask more questions

After the foreseer speaks, try to get
Past his wild vial that makes monsters
Like you wish things were different
What things will you ask about
What dangers are ahead of you

The foreseer see's all and anyone who
Searches for the foreseer
For see your future is what will happen
Forget the past is what you want to happen
Fulfill your promise and the answers will follow

Who is the foreseer and what is so significant about them? Things happen for a reason, so do not like things get out of hand. Learn from your past mistakes instead of being held back on them. I'm not sure how I wrote this, but part of it is because I looked at some new stuff that says North Texas on it, so I thought about talking about North and went from there.

I'm currently on lunch break so I thought I should update this from yesterday since I've been busy. I'm loving my job and couldn't be happier. I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

People Watching

Who is that over there?
A person, place or thing.
What is that over there?
A lurker, face or pain.
Why is that over there?
A fucker, taste or shame.

Inspiration develops over time
From eye to mind, a sign
Can develop out of anything

A person, place or thing
Can see over a rainbow,
With hardships and licences.
Who see's who when you
Develop people watching skills?

A lurker, face or pain
Can demand a rainbow,
With persistence and time.
Who demands who when you
Develop people watching skills?

A fucker, taste or shame
Can learn from everyone,
With problems and longevity.
Who learns from who when you
Develop people watching skills?

I will be honest, not a fan of swearing in poetry, but it felt right in this poem. I was discussing with a twitter follower about "people watching." It is a strange thing to do or say, but sometimes it can be fun and inspiring. Have you ever sat and watched people interact with each other? The little things they do can be entertaining, and all you need is some popcorn, ears and eyes.

This is a little late, but not by much as usual. I have been super busy and I worked pretty late today. I had overtime on my second day? Call me crazy, but I loved every minute of it! I cannot wait to see what this future brings me! I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Persistent Tie

A tie is a tie unless worn by a gentleman
Who wears it proudly, confidently and loudly
Strips going every which way
Dots making an impressionist statement
Goofy characters prancing away
Solid as a rock and sturdy pavement

A color is a color unless shown proudly on the tie
Black can be formal
Red can be pride
Green can be playful
Blue can be shy

What kind of tie do you wear?

I am updating from work real quick. I thought of this while sitting around and observing people. I have worn a tie for two days now and thought I should write about ties. I'm not sure if this completely done, but it goes to show how random I can be.

I apologize for not updating yesterday. This is for yesterday and I will have another later tonight. I've been really busy. Yesterday, I had to cook dinner and buy some groceries all while having a great night. I hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 21, 2013

An Entertaining Wreck

Two in a row, three for show
Four you know, one to go
How low can you go
When these paved roads
Cause car wrecks to mess up the flow

Two for show, three in a row
Four to go, one you know
The tow truck will lie low
While the people bellow
Cause car wrecks mess up the flow

Two to go, three you know
Four in a row, one for show
Sheeple take the high road
That looks like Van Gogh
Cause car wrecks flow

Two you know, three to go
Four for show, one in a row
Sirens scream and glow
The weather was a tremendous foe
Cause car wrecks


This poem is very odd. I decided to move some words around and use the “oh” sounds throughout the poem. I’m not sure why I did this, but I enjoyed it. Also, the last line diminishes throughout. I hate car wrecks more than anything and cannot believe the fatalities I have heard of recently. Cars are very dangerous when dangerous people are driving.

This is my second update today so I can be caught up. I hope you enjoy!

Have A Drink

Picture two pitchers
Waterless and unsettled
Whom fall down the drain


I am one poem behind so this poem is my first update and I will be writing another one to get caught up. I wrote a haiku this time. I feel that these are some of the hardest to write. I believe I have enough imagery, but it is mixed. Pitchers, which do I refer to? That is for you to decide.

This past weekend has been the best of my life. I am not only content with life, but I am loving it. I am very happy and tomorrow I start something that could change my life. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


A day, a day, a day
Bombay, Bombay, Bombay
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Touché, touché, touché

Wordplay can be fun when
Staring at a piece of paper
Words are like butter when
Spread evenly on parchment

When multiple pages arise
They resemble the bread
Each piece of text can be
A different topping

Pickles act like sour words
Ham provides the beef in stories
Lettuce is definitely the article
Cheese brings out cheesy moments

Wordplay is fun
Words are like toppings
Pages are like bread
Writing is like sandwiches


I apologize for being late again. This is a post for yesterday. Being busy is busy. I really enjoyed writing this. At first, I was just going to rhyme everything, then it led me to talking about wordplay, which then led me sandwiches and writing; I wish I could have named more toppings though.

My life couldn’t be better right now. I am happy with everything. I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two Party People

A night of desire, solitude, and readiness
What a delicious pot of ingredients
The celebration was only the beginning
And the night was still young

More guests arrive, and start to fill out
Two people in the crowd walk about
Chatting ferociously, laughing hysterically
Holding hands until the very end

The longer the party lingered, the more
Time the two people hung on every word
After the drinks have been drunk
After the party goers go
The two people have fun on their own


I should have updated this yesterday, but I was extremely busy. I had a party to attend and a celebration was in order. It was a wonderful night with many exciting people. It was easily one of the best nights I had this year; I’ve been having a lot of those good days recently.

Today is a day that starts my new journey. Tuesday I will start a new job; I’m pretty excited. I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

To Drive or Not To Drive

To drive or not to drive, is that ever the question?
Gas prices are ridiculous, mileage is never on par
Texas is one big state, but to state the facts is never
The question at hand

Where are you going? Why are you going?
What are you going? How are you going?
Ask as many questions possible before traveling
To see what answer you get

Could you be driving to a destination where
Friends lie? Could you be driving to see
A specific someone who makes you sigh?
Could you be driving just to say “hi?”

The feeling of going somewhere is in-
Comprehensible. You travel for a purpose,
A being, a reason that may confuse the
Unknowing passenger.

To drive or not to drive, that is never the question.


I believe tomorrow will be a wonderful day. I will be doing some driving so I thought I should write about driving in general. Questioning where, why, what and how when driving is not always the best. When you drive with authority, you are focused, but when you drive to drive, you lose focus. I felt that for the first time the other day. I wanted to drive and keep on driving. I didn’t care where I would end up. I just felt like driving. It was very unreal.

I never knew people could be so caring in random situations. When you are offered a home, you take it. When you are offered a drink, you drink it. When you are offered a hand, you hold it. I hope you enjoy.

Six Hours Seem Like One

One hour can be shared over some candy
Two hour can be stolen away with stories
Three hour can be savored a delightful meal
Four hour can be seen from an apartment building
Five hour can be shivered by ice cream
Six hour can be surprised by an unsuspected moment


I apologize for being late updating this, but I was driving home at 11:30 pm when I thought of this. I’m not sure how it can be called a poem, but I am positive I will remember tonight.

The weekend is almost here and I am pretty excited. My journey is about to start and things could not be better! I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Falling Upwards

A phone call makes me clumsy
But before I fall down the stairs
I need to let it be known that
Everything is going to be alright

I may be suspended in midair
And my shoelaces might be tied together
But before I hit the bottomless ground
I have something to get off my chest

My mind could be frolicking in a helpless state
But fear not, for I know my back home
Even if I have to go through hell and back
Nothing can change this moment

The fall could break my theoretical back
That is not the only thing rummaging through my head
I am about to hit the ground
Everything is going to be alright

Everything is going to be alright
I have something to get off my chest
Nothing can change this moment
Everything is going to be alright


This poem is very strange that I am even confused. How can everything be alright when you are falling down the stairs? Do you know that the fall will not hurt you? Maybe there are only three stairs? Who is on the phone? Why do they sound happy even though the poem is pretty sad? All these questions can be asked, and yet, I do not want to share the answers. The thing most of us need to know is that living in the moment, even falling down stairs, is something everyone should grasp.

Well, it is official! My journey will start soon and I am very excited. Too many things have fallen into place, and I cannot believe life can do a complete 360 in a matter of weeks. Things are looking up even when I had a not-so-great day at work. I hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Fatal Rainbow

Have you ever gone the distance
To see over the rainbow?
Not in search of gold,
But for that one feminine fatal?

The way she speaks has you tongue tied,
The way she moves has you floating high,
The way she stares has you frequently sigh,
The way she is has you say goodbye.

Her eyes are made of limestone,
With a posterior as soft as pillows.
She knows how to flaunt, flirt, and feel
When everything is going right.

Can you withstand the screaming?
The sheer sound of breathing
With another name being called out
Besides your own?

Fear the feminine fatal.
Embrace a suitable suitor.
Laugh at the evenings end.
See over the rainbow.


No inspiration here, I just wrote what I thought. The first line was easy, but I really didn’t want to write about a female. I couldn’t think of another line so I ran with it. I’m happy with the outcome, but it could use some work. I decided to use a lot of alliteration and feel proud about the last stanza.

My adventure is ongoing. Today was very important and everything went better than expected. Sometimes making it just in time is all you need to get where you are going. I’m pretty excited for Wednesday, I just wish it got here sooner. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Man in White

A red street corner is lit with ambient light
Not from the headlights of passing cars
But from a dapper man wearing all white

From his shoes to his vest, he flourished
Clean shaven, hair slick back, a stylish heathen
Any woman would whore themselves at him

He slowly walks around a club and stares
“Why me?” he exclaimed, “Why her?” he arranged
This night would not be his last scare

He approaches the door and pulls out knife
Not just any knife, but one that can slice through a bullet
Laying on the ground is his next victim’s life

The next thing he hears is continuous crying
He puts his knife away and walks out
The red street corner is completely dark
His job is done


After I came up with the first line, the poem just came to me. I believe this poem is pretty vague, but I want everyone to form their own opinion. Who was this man dressed in white and why is it so significant?
I did not have much inspiration for this poem. I just wrote it on my own accord. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would because I believe that first line was very difficult. The next two days will be big for me, wish me luck! I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Knot Called Life

Things happen for a reason
And when they fall in place
The shoelace of life is
Tied in a perfect knot

No matter which foot follows
Both feet will provide
Closure, balance, and provide
Power to walk or run

Take things slow and life
Could pass you by
Take things fast and life
Could collapse and die

While shoelaces can unravel
Life must continue to go on
Tie the shoe, double knot it
Walk forward, run around a bit


Shoes and life, how can they relate? I have no idea, except that both can unravel at some point. I’m going through another adventure with my life where my shoes are tied tight and my life couldn’t be any better. I have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months, and I think I’ll keep a steady pace instead of running or walking.

Also, I tie my shoes pretty weird. They never come untied; I kid you not. I found a website that showed me how to really tie my shoes, and it works! If you want to know how I tie my shoes, let me know. I hope you enjoy!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Nice to Meet You

Once a day starts, it always has to end
However, you have that one moment
Where time stands still

It happened on the day, where nothing went wrong
Work, boredom, drive, wholesome
A night that could be unforgettable

Introductions were short, but time flies by
When you meet another woman
Who surprises you in every aspect

How was your day? What is your fav?
You don’t say? Questions that have more answers
And more questions that stack on top

It only lasted for a short amount of time
But everything felt longer and in line
This day has to end, but that moment with not


Today was an excellent day. This is a strange poem, mostly free form. It kind of describes my day. I am in a pretty good mood so nothing can get me down. The upcoming weeks can only get better with time. Each time I think about my future, I begin to smile.

Tomorrow, I may be looking for a new place, a new home. I hope it goes by easily, but I know it will be tough in a college town. Wish me luck! I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Child's Play

Time, time, time
Every time I draw the line
You reach over with your foot
The line isn’t too thick
Your shoe size isn’t too big
But every time I see you smile
I let you step over the line
Every time


Today was all about time. The pressure of time to post this update. The overtime game the Mavericks are playing. The fact that time is finally changing for me! That’s right, my new adventure will start very soon! I am fairly excited and I believe my life will change for the better.

The more time on your hands, the more chance you have to live. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Imperfect Storm

Tremendous feats were gained
But momentarily ashamed
The same can be faint of ear

A trembling storm came
Broke every picture frame
And was famed with joyful cheer

The innocent town had financial gain
After the trembling storm sang
Though in contained subtle fear

People started to leave to keep sane
Countless lives lost in this insane
Asylum where everything was crystal clear


The poem first started to be about a tragic event. Then it led me to a catastrophic storm. Finally, I decided to finish it with a twist. This happens with some of the stuff I write. I am random at times, but all of it can be cleared up in the final line. The rhyme scheme is a little weird this time around.

Tomorrow, I will find out something that could either make or break this New Year. Let’s see what happens! I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sheer Simplicity

Simplicity and adjectives
These two co-write songs together
Failure to fathom this (and bother)

Perplexity manages
The relevance of these words
A coming of bliss (and other)

Flexibility in languages
can make a song sound unique
Like one intangible list (and another)

Complexity changes
On a moment’s notice
By the song’s specialist (and coauthor)


I wrote this at 1 a.m. this morning and was inspired by Grizzly Bear. If you have not heard of them, give them a listen. You may notice what I do; simplicity in their lyrics. It is very interesting after reading their lyrics. I believe one song had about 30 different words. The thing is, I love their musical styling . They are very mellow and unique.

No huge updates for today. I may make this into a song someday since I like the feel and have a rhythm in my head. I really hope something good happens to me soon. If it does, I’ll be sure to let everyone know! I hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 7, 2013


I see no direction when reviewing the steps.
I put what where?
I put it down there?
I cannot fare these inconsistencies!

They call them “laymen terms” for a reason,
So why not utilize them?
Do not make me fend
For myself create uneasy tendencies!

It says, “Wrap thoroughly and smooth.”
It could have said “tight” instead.
I probably need to take my meds.
This is getting incredibly handsie!

Where is a technical writer when you need one?


Yesterday, I wrote about writing. Today, I am writing about technical writing. I wanted to be vague until the very end. Who knows what the product is and who cares? If you do not have great instructions, things could get messy. Also, a little technical writing joke was in there. I was told in college never to use “utilize” since it means the same exact thing as “use!” It is a subtle joke, but only technical writers would enjoy it.

Today was a big day for me. I hope to find out what happens later this week. More to come on the development front! I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Worst Letter

Numerical pages laid across the bed,
Sometimes dressed in black.
A garbage can filled with red.

Paper has never seemed so dead
Without its perfect plaque.
Numerical pages laid across the bed.

The vernacular needs to be fixed, instead
The forgetful man lost his Mac;
A garbage can filled with red.

The man was cut and bled
From an unreliable tack.
Numerical pages laid across the bed.

The disgruntled man fled
Into a back alley to smoke a pack;
A garbage can filled with red.

The enamored man had tears to shed
Since he didn’t know what to write back.
Numerical pages laid across the bed,
A garbage can filled with red.


I decided to try out a different form of poetry. This form is called Villanelle. The scheme is pretty easy, but getting the right words and points across is what makes it hard. I did not know what to write about today, so I decided to write about writing. I have done this many times with other poems, but this one came out better than expected. I have not touched this form in a long time, but it was fun to write.

Tomorrow is a big day for me. Wish me luck! Also, I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Big Brother

My big brother is no stranger to the game of life
He has fought off two terrible twos
He has fought through walls made of paper
He has fought on distant planets

My big brother is no stranger to musical deities
He has played off any fierce competitor
He has played through tears of joy
He has played on no matter the size of the crowd

My big brother is no stranger to common courtesy
He has taken off the value and gave to the needy
He has (been) taken through the good times and bad
He has taken on everyone who challenges him

My big brother is no stranger to being a brother
He has fought off three terrible twos
He has played through tears of pain
He has taken on a brother to help him succeed


This is for my big brother, Javier. He is a great man with a passion I’ve never seen. He is a strong man with willpower that would make athletes seem small. He is one of the best father figures who raised me as his own. I love him with all my heart and wish him the best with whatever comes his way.

I should be going home tomorrow and the internet better be working! It was fixed on Friday, but we have not been home for the past few days to see if it was working without any problems. I am pretty sure it is fixed. Also, the poem from two days ago, I believe I have one more thing to do out of the three. If all goes well, I will be sure to let everyone who reads my blog know. Thanks, I hope you enjoy.

Friday, January 4, 2013

An Unattainable B Major

Why, cry over a girl who denies you
Does nothing but sit beside you and stares, farewell
When the storm carries over, the well will overflow
With emotions, the unknown
It takes so long to realize that love was never there
Where a feather could float on and un-seethe the shade

Instead, let’s fly, higher than a kite
And create a formidable beast with wings
Its beauty will shine, for everyone to see
The beast will never sleep, and be within us all
It walks a tight rope, so tight it won’t ever snap
Unlike the love we once knew, the moment untapped

We, die from the rhythmless night
Where was the beat to catch the beast
Where was the kite in the storm unleashed
Where was the tear that cut through deep
Where was the girl that denied you

By: Casey Lightford


Today, I am submitting a song. I wrote this yesterday, but felt like right now was the perfect time to post it. The only real way for you to get the tune in your head is by finding the song called Dream Sweet in Sea Major by Joe Hawley, from Tally Hall greatness, off his album called Hawaii:Part II (it is the last song on the album, give it a listen and purchase if you enjoy it). When you listen, you will find a part that sounds similar to what I want this song to sound like.
I will update you on something of my recent endeavors. If you remember yesterday’s poem, I wrote about how three things were bothering me. Well, one of those is gone now, so all have is two left. One of those could be gone by Monday, but we shall see in time. Right now, I’m just helping out my family who is in need and trying to help myself succeed in life. Thank you for taking any time reading this and my poetry. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Numbers Game

Oye that number three, what it does to me.
It drives me insane, it gives me a headache,
Why does thou exist?

Oye that number two, it is perfect for me and you.
It takes one to know one, it makes life much easier,
Why does thou exist?

Oye that number one, it can’t be undone.
It levitates above me, it proclaims it’s the best,
Why does thou exist?

Oye the numbers game, when I think of them
I start to panic, choke up and sigh.
Three can be a hard to handle,
Two can be you in shambles,
And one can be attainable with time.

Oye that number three, look what you did to me.


Three is a very powerful number when you think about it. Many three worded phrases are hard to say and can be scary. My number three just so happens to be all about my life. In every aspect, numbers can surround you (I would go into a rant, but being vague is fun). These three things I am dealing with are tough, but with persistence and patience, I believe everything will turn out ok. I can only wait, but accepting that is one of the hardest things to do right now.

I am heading out of town tonight, but I thought I could leave this blog with an Ode; in this case, an Oye. I will do my best to update over the next few days, but they might have to be short. I guess it could give me a chance to write a Haiku or something. Thanks for taking the time to read, I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Every little moment can be taken care of in one action.

A swipe of the screen, a scroll of a bar, a detached attachment.

Instead of avoiding the world, take careful notes;

The moment is right around the corner, the perfect host.

If the protection is down, do not fret,

Since the entire world is safe and well met.

And instead of visiting an unknown site,

Stay within the constraints of the feverish light.

The internet can be one scary place

With all its unintentional faces,

And socializing among the masses,

Can make any moment go in the trash can.

However, drag it out, return it to a safe folder.

Who knows where the place holder could end up?


I think losing the internet and cable made me go a little insane. I do not think I rely too much on it (except when it comes to updating the blog), but with all the recent events, I did need a distraction. Talking, video games, and sleep can only distract you for so long. However, projects such as this can be a great stress reliever and it helps me focus on something else.

Yes, I have my internet back. The battery in our cable box died and we went to replace it. Luckily, it saved us over $100 since Verizon charges and adsorb amount of money for a brand new battery.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Precedence comes in time, fear, and wonderment

With strange possibilities and feelings of entitlement

A word that can shape one’s future and

Manipulate multiple mental mirrors

Making life manageable, meaningful, and happy

Instead of arranging these blocks of life

Let them fall into place and lie

If stacked, there is a greater chance it will never fall

However, when it reaches the sky

Expect a tumbling tower and a reset button

Life is full of unexpected stops, traps, and pitfalls

But never let the precedent take over

Live life to its fullest without a plan

Spontaneous events make up this land

It is a New Year and this is my first poem in this long journey. My life has had many unexpected turns in the past month, but I am more than ready for the New Year. When I was driving last night, I thought of the first line of this free form poem. I am not sure why, but I come to find out planning your life is never easy and never really intended. I believe everyone should live their life to its fullest and consult themselves more so than others. You have all the time in the world, so cherish each moment and watch out for blocks.

Also, I am using the Starbucks internet currently. Hopefully tomorrow I can update this in the comfort of my own home. I hope you enjoy!