Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good Effort

How much good, can a good person be, if a good person can't be bad
Bittersweet, time sheet, monstrous feat
It may be bitter, but the sweet sticks around longer
That sour taste left in your mouth can be washed away by sweet
It may take time, but the sheets are everywhere
That disgruntled pillow on the ground can be picked up
It may be monstrous, but the feat is not bigger than a heart
That impulse, that feeling can not be helped, but hopes to make a difference

I hope you enjoy!

Go Somewhere or Nowhere

There are two roads that lead to somewhere
If you go one direction, the other leads to nowhere
Will you choose wisely or base it off irrelevant truths
No one can lead you toward one way or the other
But if that happens, you may be living a lie
Persuasion is all around you, along with dedication
You can dedicate yourself to one way
But going the other way will be a hard journey
No matter which you choose, look closely at your heart
Forget what everyone says and lead, not follow
You may get information opinions
You may get forgettable opinions
You may get formidable opponents
But what you choose is what matters
Not what others want from you
There are two roads that lead to somewhere
Instead of going nowhere, go somewhere

I think I can relate to this, but I'm not sure. I was a little sad when writing this I believe. As much as I want it to be inspiring, it probably is not.

I hope you enjoy!


Questions arise in poetry
Questions are not answered in poetry
Questions upon questions build questions
Question the question and an answer won't appear
Question questions is a question
Question mark
Question the quest
Question existence
Question the best
Question love
Questions about love
Questioning love is questioning questions
Questions question
Questionteer question questions
Question this poem
Question the writer
Question the question

Experimental poetry at its best, I suppose. It is funny, I hate having questions in my poems, but I do it any ways. I thought I may as well write a poem about questions.

I hope you enjoy!

A Cloudy Reminder

I saw a cloud today
Sure, there are hundreds in view
But this one reminded me of you
It did not form into a face or object
I just looked up and smiled
I am pretty sure the people around me
Thought I was crazy
But I don't care
I saw what I saw
A cloud that reminded me of you
It was as bright as the moon last night
But instead of orange
It was white
The blue backdrop was beautiful
I think if I stared long enough
I would have cried
I want to say I would cry because
Of its beauty
But in reality
My eyes would either dry up
Or the Sun would blind me
As corny as this all my sound
I catch myself staring at you
Not only face to face
But in the cloud too
As Paul would say:
I've got my feet in the clouds
Got my head on the ground

Another happy poem. If you know Paul McCartney, you will understand the final two lyrics. I was feeling pretty good that day.

I hope you enjoy!

Mustang Sally

In one moment, a spark ignites
It may be low on fuel, but something takes flight
Remember the day you thought would never come
Well it is here with a deadly zero to ninety force
The little things are what matter most
And the bigger things may fall in place
Don't fret the what if's as much as the what you can do's
Talk about a hole in one from those sand dunes
This is no longer a golf cart situation
But a Mustang Sally impersonation
Under one nation under a glass that is inflation
This temptation could lead to a new creation

I was feeling really good after writing this a few nights back.

I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Boss Says What

I am so excited
I just have to hide it
I am at work and my boss is right behind me
If they see how excited I am
Then I am done for
I will have questions fired at me
Left and right
Answers I do not have will come out
My life is my own, so please
Let us not talk about it
It is not like my boss is not cool
But I do not feel comfortable
Instead of calling this sexual harassment
I will call it mentality harassment
If I stare at my screen long enough
My boss will live
I smiled
Questions come from everywhere
Why did I smile?
Because I can?
Why are you so happy?
Because I am?
Why do you seem so distraught?
I am not ma'am
Whew, I think I did okay
"Please come into my office"
Crap, there goes my lunch

I enjoy my work and boss, so this is nothing against her. I just don't like being asked tons of questions sometimes haha.

I hope you enjoy!

Confidence Is A Video Game

They say it's my birthday
Whoopie freakin doo
I've had all the birthdays I need
I remember the past five or so
That's good enough for me
The further I age
The more complex my image
Mind and emotions beckon
It's not my fault
But situation do arise
I read a book and it evokes
Emotions that I have never seen
If I read that same book when I was ten
I would kick my older self in the groin
And tell him to man up
I sound like I had a lot of confidence back then
However, confidence does has it's levels
Am I confident in my job?
Yes, I produce, provide and feel privileged working here
Am I confident with video games?
Very, I play, practice and protrude greatness on levels
Exceeding average gamers
Am I confident with women?
Always, yet sometimes
Confidence is a tricky matter when dealing with life
When I stop thinking
My confidence erupts into great things
However, thinking is all I have left
So my confidence is shot time and time again
Does this hurt me?
No, it can only make me stronger
Confidence is like a video game
I work hard, keep trying, never giving up
On one level until I reach the ending goal
Confidence is infinite
Life is not

Confidence is a tricky subject. I believe some people get it confused with "action" or "obsession." Video games can be the same exact way. I'm sure I could make this poem even better when I come back to it.

I hope you enjoy!

Tied To A Chair

I am sprawled across the cockroach infested wooden floor, mayhap on my last leg. I stare off into the distance thinking how I wound up here. Did I trip over something? Did I pass out because of my riddled heart? Did I fall asleep dreaming about an untangle subject?

All I know is that I see a chair. A chair that has a great significant lifespan. I remember when this chair was purchased back when I was around twelve. It was for a new dining room set. I remember transporting this chair household to household. I have worked many written assignments on that chair. I have eaten with and on that chair for years. This chair has been used, abused and cleaned on multiple occasions.

Unlike the chair, I have to go along with life sitting on other chairs. This chair does not mind nor react to the stench of another chair, but if it did have forethought, would it think of me as less? I am not cheating on the chair since sitting is a big part of my job, but one thing I like about the chair is how forgiving it is. It will still hold me up. It will still provide a place for me to eat on. It can be the perfect nightstand.

As I dose off thinking about the chair, I think of others who have used that chair. Before I let my chair see me shed a tear, I get up and go to bed.

I do have some chairs that are very old. I'm not sure why I decided to write about them. Today is a weird day.

I hope you enjoy!

Board Problems

I feel so ignored, ignored like a board
I sit outside waiting in the blazing sun
Will somebody please sit on me
Even a tiny insect will cure my loneliness
Eat me, termites or better yet, ants take pieces of me
I feel like an attention whore
But how can that be when I look like a door
People can walk through me, at me, never pay much attention
Throw your weight into me, I may fall into a benching state
I am not ashamed or appalled, just tired of waiting
A passbyer is hugging a friend, want to sit one me again
No, they keep on walking
This is possibly the worst day of the year
Maybe some kids will jump on me
At least it would get me out of this funk
Birds, I see you hopping around the street
Come with me if you want to live and pop a seat
It is starting to rain or is that me leaking sap
No, it's a person, when did they fall right into my lap
My day has been made but I'll go back to this state tomorrow
Everyday is the same, for a board untamed

I have a lot to update today. I'll try to catch up. I wrote this and the next three poems in a matter of 30 minutes or so.

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nightcall Memories

If I gave you a Nightcall what does that entail
Does it make you think of a sexy time
Or a problematic cry for help

If I drive you through the night what does that entail
Does it make you think of an adventure
Or a death trap over a hill

If I tell you something you don't want to hear what does that entail
Does it make you think of words that should have gone unsaid
Or a terrible joke, witty pun, something funny, we're dead

If there is something inside you what does that entail
Does it make you think of all the lovely organs that make us up
Or the possibility that you only show your personality club

If there is nothing but the same what does that entail
Does it make you think about the past
Or will it prolong the future mass

I have been listening a lot to the song Nightcall by Kavinsky. I read the wikipedia about the song and found out that it was sampled in many songs I love. It makes me happy that not only is this one of my favorite songs of all time, but it has been involved in many other songs I do love. I recommend everyone to hear this song immediately.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Try hard, but do not push it (push it real good)
No more drama, keep it on (total) drama island
Talk (more) less and do (less) more
Make them happy (clap your hands)
C (cakes) A (are) R (really) E (edible)
Time (I got the time)
No (diabolical) big scheme can change things
Breathe (don't be afraid to care)

These notes are stuck with me, so I turned them into something else. Experimental poetry at its best, or at least I think so. Tons of references. I hope you can find them and...

I hope you enjoy!

Poorly Written Song

Prelude, purgatory, premonition
Present us with something less tangible than these limitations
Before we start, take a minute to fissure, for sure, finick wildly
The start of this song technically has no permission to begin
Instead, we give you a prelude and bid you adieu

Even purgatory has a resurgent, a repeating phrase or chorus
Over the next course, we shall claim victory in peace
Who is to say we need a break
A stopping point where we sit and take in some cake
Let us partake in the events after the prelude and allude furthermore

Evermore does something feel out of the norm
But when does normal provoke an unsightly premonition
Will it happen near the end, where the beginning never happened
We foresee no foreseeable future, but constantly seek closure
We do not need to close what never was opened, started or ignored
The prelude was never the beginning
The purgatory was never the break
The premonition was never the end

I enjoy wordplay a lot lately. This song is very confusing, but I hope I can make it into a song someday.

I hope you enjoy!

Dr. Tattoo

"Caring is the first steps to recovery," murmured the doc with a nose ring and skull tattoo on his neck. I had to ask him how he earned his practice. Not many doctors look like this genuine dapper man. He explained his civil suites, paramedic training, doctor blogging and loss of a loved one. He does not care what people think about him since he gets his job done.

He helps the sick and needy, no matter the insurance. He has taken many patients in as friends, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. Being an only child, he had standards to live by. Being the first doctor in the family, he had no standards to live up by.

Being an old tattoo junkie, he has no standards to who he sees on a daily basis. This doctor inspired my new tattoo. I thought of someone I cared deeply about. I thought of something that someone cared deeply about. My tattoo is something I care about, more than anyone else will.

I wrote this prose poem a while back. I could have been thinking about a doctor show when I wrote it, but I really cannot remember how I wrote this.

I hope you enjoy!

Monday, August 19, 2013

My Notepad

Besides my trust wordplay
All I have left is a pencil and notepad
My mind is in utter disillusion
Probably thrown in the garbage
With the rest of my emotions
If I do a little rhyming here
Does that mean I have perfect timing
Nope, that rhyme did not work out
I place the lead on my notepad
Before I scribble anything down
My pencil breaks into thousands of pieces
Great, now all I have is a notepad
Things like this seem to be happening all at once
First, my mind, second, my emotions, third, my life
Seeing that the pencil was my life
And the notepad is the path I walk down
Wait, hold on a second
How many pages does this notepad have
If I cannot write my path, my tale, my existence
Then I will shred a few pages and create a new way to live
Who needs a pencil When I have a notepad

I have lots of updating to do today. I wrote this poem a while ago, but I have not had a chance to put it on this blog.

I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Departure: Part 3

The departure is set for half past never
Contraire to belief, forever devours the clever
Instead of taking a plane, boat or car
Run to your destination, no matter how far
Cling onto the hope passed down by the acceptance
Open each or before another one closes its decadence
See a familiar face and cherish that moment
One spectacular smile goes a long way toward atonement
Instead of using eyes or ears
Shed some light from the fears
If departing is the last ticket out of here
Do not go alone, take someone to endear

The last part of the three poem series. I tried to make sure they were all related to one another.

I hope you enjoy!

Closure: Part 2

Closure protrudes from eyes glossed by deafness
Ears scream for more but are blinded by pettiness
A question rose from the grave and replied with an honest answer
Never give up and never pre render
Only pretenders want to see the gates close without knowing why
How can acceptance ever decide the fate of two beings
Let each day come by so the moon sets and sun never rises
Push too hard, the door will stay shut with no knob
Knock hard enough and the door will prop open with time
Walk through and shut the door behind you
Closure captures the self-taught thought that every door has an answer behind it
Know where to look?

Part two out of the three poems.

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Acceptance: Part 1

Acceptance is part of the endurance, an everlasting wanderlust
Where fields of joy cease to exist but listen to bliss
Retract emotions so they can never revert or deter back to the beginning
Pain may occur, stained lives will prefer to conjure closure
Oh, hope, elope with promoting precedence
Parting ways is less than an ounce for feeble minded people
Stand on one side of the room while the soon-to-be-gone looms
Accepting is the hardest part but the battle was well fought
Reach the end and the beginning will truly begin

This is part one of a three part series of poems. Each one detailing something different that is happening right now.

I hope you enjoy!

I Am Hope

I talk of hope as if I am hopeless
I have no hope which is dopeness
I take hope with a grain of sand
Or rice, the land, hope, I am your number one fan
Hope, ney, the holy hope is all I ask
Give me hope so I don't do anything stupid
Why does hope have to be hard to find
Where is hope when you walk the fine line
When does this hope start to occur
How will hope make the pain a blur
I talk as if hope is not becoming
I will find hope to start my forthcoming

I hope you enjoy!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Anatomy of Hope

The anatomy of hope is a fickle matter
Piece by piece, at least release a new pattern
Mixing bonds, chemicals and new dawns
To create a fond memory, haunted by emery
Drop a lens in the sun and watch it burn
Morphing together power, persistence and play-doh
Piece together memories and hope
Fickle time will help this matter grow
Into something prevalent, relevant, elegant

I hope you enjoy!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Doritos, Yeah

Have you ever wanted a big bag of Doritos?
Torpedo to the pantry like a mosquito
Your blood bleeds orange with cheesy goodness
Do not decline your date, that is rudeness
Give me that pudding, I'll throw it on the ground
Kerplat, I stomped it, my foot went to town
Looking around the apartment I can't find my chips
I asked my roommate and he licked his lips
Could he have taken them, eaten them softly
That cheesy goodness is all but apathy
I run out the door, find the closest dumpster
I dived right, I'm covered in mustard
I find a bag of chips, they look like mine
I found the marking where I leave it all the time
My roommate at my chips and it's time to kill
He is going to get it like Jessica Biel
I rush into his room and shout real loud
"Those were my chips motha, don't feel all proud"
I plowed through his clothes and clenched his throat
I could smell my chips even when he gloats
Before he passes it out, I find a bag of chips
He bought me some new ones, I now have my fix

Chips man, hell of a drug. I haven't had some Doritos in a long time. Maybe I'll buy some soon. Off brand Doritos from Kroger are amazing though, try them.

I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Punch A Wall

I want to punch a wall to make the seasons fly by
Make summer into spring so then I'll have my step back
Time heals all says everyone in this world
Does anyone really know what time it is, asked Chicago
As each day slows, the more thoughts keep spewing
Luckily I keep my keyboard clean and phone turned off
Social media always knows how to make a day last longer
Check this, tweet that, like me, hate that
A never ending loop like a Vine video, you're trapped
Go take a walk, meet up at a bar, play games to take your mind off
These existing items mess up my fung shway
Give me a room, a white room with a record player
Make sure the walls are thick because i will punch a hole through them
The seasons will change with each blow from the wind

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My head spins, much like it begins

My head spins, much like it begins.
I step out of bed with no britches,
Socks flung across the room
On top of the red lampshade.
It lets off a shadowy figure that
Resembles a poorly drawn monster;
A four-year-old would cower in fear
And I'm 34 cowering in fear.
My bed is empty and I have no idea why.
Even when I make my way to the bathroom,
I see remnants of another.
Yet, ever corner I turn, I see a ghost.
A ghost that was once was and now it wasn't.
I call out and only hear an echo of my voice.
Once, I thought I heard a reply,
But it was all in my head.
I take out my address book and
Look for some help.
The book is empty like it was
When I first purchased it years ago.
Instead of looking in my phone book
For someone to torment,
I do calculation in my head:
How many minutes has it been?
How many hours has it been?
How many days has it been?
How many weeks has it been?
How many years has it been?
I hear the television on in the other room.
My girlfriend is watching cartoons.

I bet you didn't see that ending coming! I really like this poem a lot. Another "could be" prose poem. I thought about the first lines while laying down. The rest of the poem came naturally for me.

I hope you enjoy!

Spoon or Knife

Miserable is a great word to describe it
I feel as if I am a concave spooon
Waiting for someone to bend it straight
Maybe if I had a platform
My mind would speak the truth
People may listen
Or act as if headphones exist
In empty ears
If my words cannot touch them
Then I will use my hands
Gestures make the world go round
All of my professors used them
My monotone voice vows silence
Take my body language for example
I lean to a side to release pressure
I lick my lips in exhaustion
I think of all the times you made me happy
Instead of a spoon
Maybe I should invest in a knife
At least they are flat and great at stabbing

I really enjoy the flow of this poem. I think it could be a prose poem instead, but maybe with a few edits, it could be great.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tree Hugger

Stop toying around my tree
The leaves are falling
Can't you see

You are free to jump in them
Imagine them as your oyster
You little foster

I am not your mother
Nor father or brother
Leave my tree, don't bother

Play hopscotch with the leaves
Around my delicate tree
Flee from my pet peeve

My tree is beautiful
It is my dutiful tree
It must stay fruitful

Stop hanging on my tree

I'm not sure how this poem came about. I thought about trees and kids playing with them. I know some people are close to their trees. These are not just called Tree Huggers either.

I hope you enjoy!

Run Casey Run

One lap down fifteen to go
You are doing great
Remember to stay on your platform

Two laps
Making great pace
Breathe in through the nose
Then out the mouth

Three down, almost half a mile
Why is this song playing
Talk about a one hit wonder
I ain't no scrub

Half mile, another half equals one
My legs feel pretty good
I wish I wasn't so cold
Hey, who is that

You passed the halfway mark
Another crappy song
Thank God I was born in the 90s
I can take you higher

Three laps then one mile
Keep going
Don't give up
Where is this energy coming from

Almost a mile
Can you believe it
Great pace
Keep it up

Finish this lap then we can really push it
Push it real good
I can see the end
You got this

One mile out of the way
Remember this is the first
Do not forget
For your health

Lap two of two
My platforms are failing
Don't worry, the pain will go away
Nose then mouth

Three laps, almost another half
Great timing
I love this song
Don't go chasing waterfalls

Almost mile and a half
You are doing great
Keep going
Never give up

Half a mile over
Five, remember, five
Speed up soon
They have not been running as long as me

Six, can you believe it
Only three more
If you count this one
You have to count every single one

Number seven, speed up
Let's get this over with
What song is this

Last lap, you got this
Run and don't fall
You're about to finish
Kill me

I pretty much this when I run. I'm not even kidding.

I hope you enjoy!

Monday, August 5, 2013

One Two Thre Four Five Steps

One two three four five steps
Down the cliff with less of a mess
Take ten steps back, only fifteen are left
Until you reach the unknown waterfall

The ducks may drown but you turn your straight frown
Around to the next person in line
Flocking together with one another
Is better than slipping off the edge of the world

No matter the trip, the fall or steps
You will end up on the ground in distress
Will someone catch you or would you rather bring them along
This tall order is no clef to stay on

Walk those fifteen steps and never look back
Face your torment with your class intact
Instead of a free fall down this waterfall
Make like the ugly duckling, fly through them all

I've been inspired by Alt-J a lot of the time. They have a song called Ripe & Ruin. It is a wonderful song with only voices. The harmonies are amazing and the lyrics are powerful. Give it a listen.

I hope you enjoy!


Snooze button
Missed it
Second alarm
Missed it
Impulse activate
Wake up
Wooden chair
Bruise activate
Phone call
Road rage activate
Flip off
Panic activate
Sleep activate

I thought about my schedule one night and wrote this experimental poem up. I think the title is what really brings this poem alive.

I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crazy Party Man

Lighten up the party with a kick to the face
Throw a beer at the fridge and blame the outsider
Take your shoe off and feed a victim; that smell
See that dog? Let it out the front door
Feed the parrot to the overweight orange tabby
Puncture the brand new 60 inch with a controller
High five every ass in sight, men and women
Play fisty cups with a person two times your size
Bash a beer can on a person's chin and laugh
Recite Yiddish tunes on a three stringed guitar
Piss all over the bathroom and throw up in the front yard
Get kicked in the face while running outside
Go to Whataburger and wait for a police escort
You are in jail buddy

My friends and I have a party coming up soon. I am pretty excited. None of this stuff will happen, but it would be funny if we saw it happen at a party.

I hope you enjoy!