Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Life of A Ramp

The ramp is meant not only for the educated
But for the prestigious of people
Back and forth
Forth and back
The ramp is looming over crowds
But can cause a stir when someone hits the ground
Wheels tend to ride the ramp
Going up and down
Down and up
People jump off the ramp constantly
Not really going anywhere though
People tend to throw a piece of wood around their body
Never knowing where it will move next
No one dies on the ramp
But breaking bones seems to be the norm
These gnarly people love to spin and fall
No matter what, the people get back up
Either on their own or from friends
This ramp is no game, it is a life for these people

I used to be really into skateboarding. I never learned it because I could never ollie, so I gave up on it. I wish I could go back to my youth and push myself to try harder at it.

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Laughing Riot

In the shadowy distance
A colored figure lies waiting
He smiles real big with anticipation
His hair is green and teeth are near yellow
This is a captivating look
A picturesque Satan in the flesh
He has done cruel things to women and children
Any man that lurks around him will be tortured
His purple suit may seem off-putting
But that wretched smile of his feasts on fear
He laughs at everyone and despises bats
People ask who is with him all the time
And he never knows what to call her
Assistant, wife, girlfriend, acquaintance, pupil
Hell is everywhere when he starts to laugh
Do not be around him when he starts to laugh

At my office, we are doing superheroes as our Halloween theme. Well, the Joker is staring right at me.

I hope you enjoy!

Good Morn

Good M
Good Mo
Good Mor
Good Morn

I'm a
Hang on a
I prefer

Experimental poetry can be weirdly exciting. Basically, everything at the the top is a word or slang use of a word. The second stanza connects to the top. It is interesting how spell check does not need to be used in this. I really enjoyed this. I don't think I've done this yet, but it is possible.

I hope you enjoy!

Candy Fiend

Candy, we meet again
It is not everyday I consume you
But when I do, it is non-stop
The worst half of the year is upon me
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas
The big three for eating terribly
People work out to lose weight
But gain it all back this late in the year
I fear that I cannot contain myself
These sweets make me grovel
Grovel with pain, happiness and sorrow
Tomorrow I may eat more or less
The next day will be the same
I am impressed I am not overweight
My teeth are not thanking me anytime soon
The more I eat you, the better you taste
Why does candy tease me, it's one big chase
I wonder if I have chocolate on my face

I have been eating a lot of candy lately. My office is full of it because of Halloween. I cannot wait until this "holiday" is over.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


You highlight my life
Memories of yellow start to unfold
Dandelions, buzzing bees, heart of gold
This delicious aroma removes my blindfold
Your boldness, cunning and my mind is always running
Searching, wanting, holding you closely
With this mighty highlighter, I will find the answers
Remember each question and question each answer
No matter the challenge, I shall overcome
Over cumbersome to many, defined by none
The battle is over but the war still rages on
I want that letter more than anything
Give me the time, patience and I can do everything
I will study you until my last dying breathe
Who needs sleep, I will do that during death

I saw a highlighter, I wrote about it. I bet you thought it was about someone? Nope, this is about studying and getting the grade you want.

I hope you enjoy!


Once a day, I remove a staple from my skin.
I never understand how this happens,
But a staple always winds up deep in my arms.
It feels like they are holding me together
Each time I try to rip out another.
Many people have asked if it hurts,
But I do not feel pain anymore with how often I do this.
While it would be best to have a staple remover handy
I have to use my bare hands and paper clips.
I make the paper clip into a makeshift hook.
I pull as hard as possible until the staple comes out.
The funny part is that it hurts my fingers
More than it hurts my muscular hairless arms.
For whatever reason, I am always in bed when
I discover another staple embedded in my arm.
The walls are white with a white sheet blocking my view.
I never remember having the same roommate twice either.

I hate being in the doctors office. I believe I had staples once, but what really inspired this poem is the staple remover in front of me.

I hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 28, 2013

White Out

Here is my pen.
Here is my paper.
Here is my          out?
Why don't you use a          , instead?
Try not to go       with the          out.
It         like you already started...
With my pen, I shall write          .
They will be         ,           and          .
The longer the          , the more              it sounds.
I dedicate this to my                .
May they         and             it like nobodies business.
Where are all the         ?
I hate          out.

Experimental poetry at its best, or that's what I like to think. Have you ever went "white out" crazy? I think some people are addicting to using the stuff, but not me.

I hope you enjoy!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Of Man

Fly like a birdie
Through windowless homes during
The deserted Fall

Haiku time. I decided to make the title coincide with the haiku itself. Why would homes have windowless windows? No glass? Something must have happened.

I hope you enjoy!

What Women Want

Certain qualities stick out among the rest
How big is your chest and posterior?
What is your wingspan and hairspan?
Is pain and loudness a factor?
Men know what they are looking for
Until they find it, they will never stop searching
These qualities may sound sexist, harassing, or shallow
But you can view these more as compliments
Women know what men want
If a man can have what a woman wants
Then a compliment can be superseded

I'm not sure how I thought about this. Reminds me of that one movie with Mel Gibson. Yes, it is a chickflick, but I had to watch a lot of those when I was younger.

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Story Stein

A tyrants trident stuck something wretched
Tantalizing teachers shock students wildy
A tortured trout sizzling superbly while
Tomorrow's tale silently speaks wonders
Today's Tom Sawyer spends winnings
Taking testosterone, speed, swiftly waiting
Time trickles, startle some, withholding
Treacherous traps sucking slim women
Teen tables sit, stay, wiping
Temper tantrums sulky strings West

Alliteration, how I hate thee. However, I enjoy making things like this. Maybe I will add onto it someday. I think some of it makes sense.

I hope you enjoy!

The Natural You

If I had a camera, all I would do is take photos of you
No, not naked photos, I would never imply such a thing
I want to take pictures of the natural you
That's right, you without make up
You without noticing I am there
You being yourself, free as an art sculpture
That's a good way to look at you
You are art, you are my art
I see you for who you really are
Yes, you have inner beauty
But I want to show your outer too
When you are drying your hair after a shower
Starring out a window pondering about your homework
Driving to a meeting jamming out to some tunes
These moments and more represent a lot of who you are
Photographs are for us to maintain these memories
Everyday I spend with you, I mentally take a picture
But I want to show you what I see
The natural you, a natural beauty

I want to own a good camera someday. However, my phone will have to do for now.

I hope you enjoy!

Left Wrist Problems

Pain flourishes in the tiniest of places
It can take days, months or even years to recover
Life works in mysterious ways, and the body adapts
An open wound attacks the molecular system
Where as a broken bone relapse can create problems later
Each popping sound means that age is dismantling the body
When hair falls out, it should be the least of worries
Aches in the stomach and head can be cured
Life without pain is nothing to pitty
Acceptance is the hardest part

My right wrist is not feeling too well. Most of my poems I will post from now on will be with only my left hand.

I hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Friday, the 18th

My day started off nice without a hitch
I went to work, gathered my thoughts, studied
Who knew that today would be different
I was called out many time that day
For unseen, unfortunate events
I said this, they said that, I had a wiffleball bat
I read wrong, that does not belong, I answered the wrong
These little things did not tend to mattter
Since my focus was what to come after the job
Throughout the day, my luck was in place
My thoughts were clearer than ever
And I was doing just fine
When it reached five, things took a turn for the worst
I was late, the doors would not close
I feared for the worst
I tried to not let these events shake me
And I continued on with my plans like nobodies business
I saw who I needed for a limited time
Said hello to an acquaintance and left on a dime
Went home and had a ball with my melancholy life
Then a text message changed everything
Life no longer mattered in my state of mind
When circumstances change and make me happy
I forget all about my day previously
Life is changing and I am happy to proceed to my next chapter

Life is pretty good right now. I am happier than I have been in a long time.

I hope you enjoy!

Lucky Number 18

Luck ran out but it can always find its way back
We are not granted luck, but fully experience it on our own free will
We exploit it, yearn for it, know when it disappears
Luck can make or  break situations
Will you lose a few hundred dollars in a casino?
Will you lose a battle among friends online?
Will you lose somebody close to you?
When we lose luck, life changes in a significant way
We can no longer reach out for luck when it comes to simple tasks
Skill is now more involved with our everyday chores
It can be hard, but we push through each day
Waiting for a piece of luck to return for a moment
A four-leaf clover will not help us
A lucky pair of five-year-old dirty socks will never feel the same
A simple task of flipping a coin will always land wrong-side-up
The longer we wait for our luck to return
It feels like we hone our skills on what matters most
While we want luck, other things are more important

I thought I ran out of luck for the longest time, but I have a good feeling it will start coming back slowly. Not everything is based on luck, but it is nice to know when things change, luck can turn around.

I hope you enjoy!

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Ghostly Laugh

"Relinquish your soul to become mine!" Yelled the ghost; except the little girl was not afraid. The ghost looked like a little boy with sharp teeth and tattered clothes. The little girl laughed melodically because the little ghost boy is only five feet tall. He has a softness to his face even with protruding teeth like a shark.

The story goes that the little boy had surgery done to his face. His father was a mad scientist who liked to put wild animals teeth in different subordinates. The first experiment was a success when he put alligator teeth inside a crow's mouth; that crow now eats meat. His next experiment was to extract a lion's jaw and replace a bear's jaw. It was successful, but he lost part of his head when the bear tried to bite it clean off.

The part of the brain the father lost was the insula and the striatum; he could no longer love, lust or become a drug addict. During his time of recovery, his little boy took care of him day in and day out. While the little boy felt closer to his father, his father was just thinking up another experiment that will achieve levels of science no one has sought to try. He decided that his final product, his prodigy, would be replacing his son's teeth with a shark's.

Since sharks continually shred their teeth, it was not hard for the father to find some teeth. He then laced them with some bone marrow to make sure they would harden. The hard part for the father would be measuring his son's mouth to find out how big it was so he knew how to lace the teeth in his son's jaw; all without him knowing about it. While his little boy slept, he came into his room to do measurements. He made sure to give his boy a hefty amount of chloroform to knock him out while he measured.

Finally, the day came when the procedure had to be done. He knocked out his boy one last time and made sure he would not wake up until the procedure was done. The father kissed his little boy on his head and tucked him in, then proceeded to give him enough drugs to knock out an elephant. The little boy should not feel a thing, his father thought, but the little boy was wide awake in his mind when the procedure started.

The little boy was freaking out and wanted to scream the entire time. His heart was racing with each pulled tooth. He felt new ones being pushed in their by force and reattached with a soldering iron. The worst part was not the pain, but the methodical laugh he heard from his father. His father was going to kill him and he knew it. When the procedure was over, the little boy passed away in his sleep with a mouth full of shark's teeth.

The little girl cried when she heard the story. She did not understand that the father was a mad man with mental problems that make the craziest man sound sane. She was too young to understand how much pain the little ghost boy felt mentally and physically. While she cried, the little ghost boy decided he would leave this world instead of hunting for a soul. Before he could go, the little girl gave part of her soul to the little ghost boy and hugged him.

The little boy cried and stayed with her forever. No one else could see him, but the little girl. They would end up becoming best friends until the little girl passes beyond the living. The older she grew, the more the little boy was fading from her memory. She was not trying to forget him, but her life was quickly passing by. Before they knew it, the little girl was now an old woman. The little boy was still there, but the old woman could no longer see him. He waited by her death bed for days and days. Family always came for a visit, but the little boy would never leave. Finally, she was about to draw her last breath, and saw the little boys face. She laughed melodically and whispered, "See you soon."

I wanted to write a scary story, but it came out to be a love story? I have no idea. I wanted the boy to be Casper-like, but it ended up being something else. How could a young boy who was a ghost have such an old complex? I believe many ghost live for so long in their state of body, but continue to age in their own hollow head. They learn and adapt.

I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ring of Thread

Ring or no ring, our matrimony exists
If you choose not to believe me
Take a look at my skinny ring finger
That piece of thread is what is holding us together
We may be poor and cheap, but I do my wife right
Some woman may not think "it's the thought that counts"
But this ring of thread has more meaning than any diamond
People say "diamonds last forever"
Well this thread will outlive any overpriced diamond
This wool threaded ring came from a divine piece
It was from an old rocking chair that my wife's
Great great grandfather built
The wool threaded back was so finely threaded
That this chair has lasted generation after generation
Once we inherited the chair after the years it was in service
I decided it would be an opportune time
To have the rocking chair worked on for our child
While it was being refurbished, I asked the carpenter
To relinquish some of the old threaded back
He usually throws stuff like that away
But I had something special plan for said wool
I wanted to give my wife the most beautiful ring
It does not shine in the light, it does not cost a fortune
But it means more to her than a ring from a boutique store
She still remembers being in her great great grandfather's lap
The ring of thread is more important than any diamond
We will cherish this forever and will never sever our life we share together

I wrote this last night. I am not sure how I thought about it or why. I thought it was pretty neat to see a man defend why his ring is not so relevant to many, but to him and his wife, it is the world.

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Moments like these last until darkness proceeds
When you open those doors, I wonder who will be taken next
My orange brethren was taken out just the other day
It feels like years since I last saw him
His bruises were nearly visible, but he was always rotten at the core
I remember the day I was placed in this frozen valley
There were not many others in here at the time
But I am one of the lucky ones who has not been thrown out yet
Throughout the days, months, or could be years, more things have joined me
I have never seen so many different things, but they are just like me
I do not have a father nor mother, and my brother is not really my brother
We were brought in at the same time and talked to each other quite often
I keep counting down the time of when I will be taken away
The light comes on every now and then, but the darkness scares me
I have too much hope and my bruises are starting to show
There is a good chance I may not make it
I wish I was at home in my soft bed of brown
There, I could see the sunshine, feel the rain, and grew to what I am now
Please, thing we call Roger, eat me before I die

After I wrote the first line, I knew it would be about food. The next thought in my process was to figure out what food would actually be used in this poem. I decided to choose a carrot!

I hope you enjoy!

Black and White

You can do what you like
Take a ride on a hipster bike
Wave to the old lady
Leaning next to a rotted out door

You can do what you like
Wonder into a dramatized bar fight
Take a bottle into the bathroom
Climb out the window and run for your life

You can do what you like
Climb the statue of liberty with all your might
Jump off with a bungee cord
Pray to God the cops do not see you tonight

You can do what you like
Prance around in a bear costume with delight
Attend a playoff baseball game
Get escorted out but obtain 30 seconds of fame

You can do what you like
Choose a resting place, it is your forthright
Attend your own funeral
As a ghost, zombie, or an angel is quite alright

You can do what you like
Go down in history as writer who had such delight
To tell their stories and about them and others
Never giving a reason for a plot but received a green light

You can do what you like
With your life
And never agree with the saying
Everything is black and white

I was listening to the new Paul McCartney album called New. I think everyone should give it a listen. It is one of my favorite albums of the year and I'm not even done with it yet. I was humming this poem/song to a tune off the album.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rule A Dye

Rule a dye
My consorting brain is fried
Why deny the shade
When I cool off my charade

The day is not over
My dye is the wrong color
Rule in favor of the plaintiff
Where the courier is compliant

I rummage my old scooter
Find an old six gauge shooter
Mass chaos will hit the streets
In order to complete my feat

Rule a dye
My consorting brain is fried
Why deny the shade
When I cool off my charade

The day is about to begin
My dye is a colorful sin
The plaintiff is going down
What goes around goes around

I find the mutilated body
But this was not me being gaudy
I was set up like Brutes
A person came up asking who's this

Rule a dye
My consorting brain is fried
Why deny the shade
When I cool off my charade

My life is about to end
My dye is poorly lit
The judged ruled me today
I may die to see another day

I was set up and I fear
That if I looked in the mirror
The dye would show my true color
I killed the plaintiff, my brother

Randomly, I was humming this to a Foo Fighters song. This poem does not really have a lot of inspiration and I would never dream of these things to happen. I just wrote it to write it. I thought it was a cool story.

I hope you enjoy!

A Civilized Rainbow

Sleeping on rainbows is the only way for me to get any sleep
The rain wakes me up, but clear skies knock me out
At one end, I can see a horizon that spreads across the eastern sea
The other end has another raging storm waiting to establish itself
Storms can be selfish and I tend to keep out of their foolish ways
One storm could inquire enough wind to blow everything over around me
However, the rainbow may bring a smile to someone's face if not mine
I would rather sleep during the spontaneous storms
The lightening scares me while the rain dulls my senses
First, I would lost my sight along with my touch
I may freeze to death and create obscene gestures
But that is what happens when I am dying to appear on a rainbow
Half awake now, a storm is brewing in the est most desert
It is deserted (luckily), but the creatures have no idea what is coming
Once it is all said and done, I will lie down on the rainbow
Rest my eyes once more for every living thing to see

It has been raining a lot lately and I guess that is what inspired this. I'm not sure if this is good at all. I may need edit this one a lot later down the road.

I hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mighty Salty Goodness

I woke up today; feeling alive
It could have been that rice pilaf I had last night
You see, it had some type of drug in it
My mother calls it MSG
I call it Mighty Salty Goodness
My friends say it is addicting
And say funny lines like
MSG is one hell of a drug
Yet, I do not find it addicting
I have been eating more lately
But I never noticed if the box says
MSG additives or no MSG
If I ever get a belly ache
I make sure to digest more MSG
I heard it could cause headaches
Possibly a touch of nausea
But that does not bother me much
That's why God made Tums
Wow, MSG not only makes the food
Savory, moist, meaty
But it takes flavors to the next level
I recently found out from mother
That MSG is in a lot of fast food
What more does a kid want
Than to get delicious MSG
Served to you over nuggets and fries
If I had the drug
I would inject my fruits and veggies
That way I would actually get my vitamins
My mother says I have put on 20 pounds
Well, I am growing a inch per month
So by the time I reach high school
I should be at healthy weight
Thanks to Mighty Salty Goodness

MSG scares me and what it can do to children, teens and adults. It is basically a drug though. This stuff is probably addicting, and I try my best to stay away from it. I wish more products put a HUGE label that said if it was in the food or not.

I hope you enjoy!

Gotta Catch Them All

Pokemon, Pokeman, Pokewoman
There are three types you can be
Unisex, male, or female
You can rummage through bushes
As far as the eye can see
If you don't want to be captured
Run for your life
A Pokeball could catch you
You will be locked up real tight
But try not to fret too much
Since you will have a trainer
They tend and care for their Pokemon
In any climate, situation or danger
You may have to battle here and there
Battle with all your might
And you may get a rare piece of candy
The stronger you get
The stronger your relationship with your trainer grows
Evolve if you'd like
The trainer knows when you will plateau
Your friendship is more powerful
Than any quid pro quo

Yes, I am back into Pokemon. I recently purchased the new game. I have no played one since my childhood and it is really fun. You can do so much more than I thought was possible.

I hope you enjoy!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Skater Girl

Revert to ollie
I am kicking back
Skating upwards
You see, this girl
Way out yonder
I yearn, I earn, and pay by the dollar
I may be terrible
At skating that is
But I know a way
Around a woman's heart
I can do infinite loops
Look like a poser
But I need her like a skater
Needs a helmet
I'm hellbent on her
Wondering if she notices me
I fall all the time
I've seen her laugh
Time to time
I decide to learn to kickflip
It was not going so well
She came over
And helped
She is a better skater than me
Which is not surprising
But does it look
Less manly
Who cares
I sure don't
Being in her presence
Is enough
We rode around town
Laughing and rolling
Her carefree spirit
Is a relief
She showed me
How to kickflip
She showed me
How to skate
She showed me
How to love
She showed me
Our fate

Skating was the one skill I wanted to learn, but never could figure it out. Once I could not ollie, I quit. Maybe one day, I'll pick it up again.

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Poppy Trenches

A northwest wind blows
Floating poppy seeds strike fear
The trenches are red

What might sound odd is Kanye inspired me. He has a song that talks about poppy fields and it was stuck in my head. Haiku's can be inspired by strange places.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hunger Games

This song is no ordinary song
It will make you hunger for games
There is no mention of soul food
Nor a first person shooter
But it will make you hungry

Mayhap the game be something less splendid
Pong or Tetris will do, but not in this day and age
Mayhap the food be something less craved
Chicken fried steak with no side, out of the question
No matter what, you will be hungry for games

Food fights are encrusted, but strictly forbidden
It may sound like a hunger game
Mashed tators in the eyes
Green peas up the nose
Spoonfuls of Mac and Cheese in your hair

Now you can focus all of these foods in first person
How far will the food be thrown under this trajectory
If you aim it this high in this wind
It should land at the far side of the room
Instead of throwing your food, why not play with it

Use everything as building blocks
You need a solid base, starch will do
Now throw some veggies to make a tower
If you have a dinner roll, you can throw it at your tower
The greater the hit, the more food on the floor and less in your mouth
(Make sure you scream when you throw your roll)

Hide and seek with food is also recommended
You lost some in your couch a couple days ago
Everything looks clean, so the food should be edible
Take a bite and nurture your appetite with 2 day rules instead of 5 seconds
This song will make you hungry for games with food

A friend of mine gave me inspiration. She told me to write a poem/song (mostly a song) about how it makes you hungry and think of games. I think I grasped the concept, but I'm not sure how the execution went.

I hope you enjoy!

Rundown Jukebox

The Oldies play throughout the open bar
Every generation sings along with every song
Oldies rule this rundown bar with a passionate phenom
Once, ladies ran wild bra-less in high heeled boots
Men enjoyed wearing all black with white ties and white shoes
Teenagers snuck in to grab a quickie and run
The open bar used to be alive, but all it has left is music
Bar patrons always know which waves to play
The bar has a decomposed jukebox with 45 great albums
No matter what anyone plays, a magnifico score comes on
It can be something from the early 40s, late 60s, mid 80s or the righteous 70s
A new generation will own this bar soon
The "for sale" sign was removed two nights ago
For its grand opening, the only music in the bar will come out of the rundown jukebox
It still has some juice and bar patrons will dance, sing, holler and laugh
This bar will never cease to exist and the music will never stop
Ringing throughout this rundown bar

Lots of music going on when I wrote this. I also was at a bar yesterday. However, the bar was playing terrible music. I never felt awkward playing darts until last night. Sometimes, you have to have the right music to get in the zone.

I hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Techno Rapper

Techno killed the rapping star
Instead of writing rhymes anymore
He decides to create beats
But his beats do not fit with his hip-hop
Everything he produces sounds like
A technological advancement
Is it his fault that he found a new calling
Will his fans be upset with him
Or will a new crowd swarm him

What will his friends think of this
New Age music
Each key he strikes
Sounds like it is from outer space
Major Tom would have his mind blown
It's not rocket science
But it sounds like any man, woman, or child
Would love to soar through the stars

His music lifts people up
Makes them want to dance
And forget about the world
Instead, they feel like they are on Mars
Thinking about floating
The gravity would be nice up there

Aliens will finally come down
Grab ahold of his music
And make it their own
Sure, they might be stealing
But he did have some inspiration from them
This is what goes on inside the techno rappers head
He may not spit rhymes anymore
However, his music splits atoms
And makes peoples mind's explode instead

I'm not sure how I came up with this. I know a friend of mine is working on sound a little more techno with his keys, but that's about it. I just wanted to write about a rapper turning techno.

I hope you enjoy!

Painting Walls

Repeating textures consume me
This textile farm no longer captures my emotions
Instead, everything looks washed out and gray
A bland composition intrigues me from now on
Why did it take me painting hundreds of pieces
In my lifetime, to make everything look the same
No matter where my next stroke goes
It has been there in some shape or manner
If I use the same blot technique,
It reminds me of another blot painting from years ago
Each color, shape and fragment looks the same
If I can't sculpt a body out of thin air
Give resonance to a portrait of an amphitheater
Draw doodles in a thousands books
Then what's the point of making art anymore
All I am doing is considered practice
If no one sees these well-constructed paintings
I need to get out of here and bring only my art
Show the world that I am no stranger to color
The world needs to see my works
Then my emotions can spread on to
A bigger canvas for everyone to see

I've been painting a lot and I may have found my calling. Painting houses is really a lot of fun. It is relaxing, calming and fun. Maybe I'll start doing this as a hobby someday.

I hope you enjoy!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Death By Train

"I'm being chased by a train, no matter what street I turn on to."
- Casey

What is that infuriating sound
It is so loud that my car is running off the road
I'm being chased by a train
That whistle blows louder than my car stereo
I have a feeling it is right on my bumper
No matter what street I turn on to
It is still following me, pushing me to speed
I don't want to die by a train
I do that enough in video games
I better speed through these stop signs
So I can live a little longer
I may as well turn up the radio
Since this could be my last song
I want to go out with a bang
While listening to my favorite song
I will yell the lyrics as loud as possible
I am not scared of this train
I cannot fear death
The train sounds like it is getting further away
It is probably far from be since I am going 65
Another infuriating sound is behind me
Today is not my lucky day
Why are those lights so bright
Good evening officer

I was driving the other day and heard the train. The thing about where I live is that the train is not that close to me, but it was fairly loud while I was driving. I had my windows opened and music blaring. That was my inspiration to this poem. Also, the cops, yeah, where I drive to, they were out like crazy monitoring everything.

I hope you enjoy!

Dear Old Writers

Rummage, pillage, take to the books
Lend me your ears you deaf writers
I write to you beyond the living
Asking for your help when it comes to
Belligerent writing styles and shady stories
Have you read the crap that is being thrown out there
Erotic Romance! Hosh posh; would you stand for that
Unless you were born during the Byzantine period
Then you get a pass in my book
Children on drugs! Words that are lost
Alright you Romanticists on Opium
You get a pass here too, but only a slight one
Incestuous nonsense! I toss you into the fire
Even the Medieval poets do not get a pass for this one
Unless you talk of Old English heroic epic poems
That gets a pass
Dear Old Writers, why has it come to this
Lend me your pencils, pens and ears
I will write you something that will bring you to tears

I am not a fan of many different types of genre of reading. To be honest, I'm not sure why I wrote this or how it got to me talking to writers. With the passing of Tom Clancy, it might have something to do with this. He was a great writer with many interesting stories to tell.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Silly Names

I have never asked myself who I was
But sometimes I forget who I am
I enjoy playing a character from a Shakespearean play
Use my middle name and forget who I am
I walk into a supermarket, buy groceries I don't usually buy
And pay with money I don't have
If anyone asks me my name in public
I live falsely through my idols, pen names and reclaimed fame
Bars are particularly my favorite places to go
I can be whoever I want, whenever I want
One day, I may use my alter ego and play the silent type
Some women dig the silent bastards who had an abusive father
The next day, I walk into the same bar and play a tourist
I ask women of all shapes and sizes to tell me their likes of the city
As if I'm interested in such silly nonsense
I just want their number

Only one time, ever in my life, did I remember who I was
The day was like any other on campus
It was a beautiful day with many wonderful ladies
I usually ignore each one on my way to class
Since my focus was school and only school
However, one day, a woman caught my eye
She was in her second year
Working on her journalism degree
The only reason I knew this was because we shared a writing class
She thought she knew my real name
Hell, the whole class did
But it was a nickname given in my youth that the teacher called on
I approached her after class and she laughed
She knew my name in class was a fake
And she did not care what my real name was
We decided to go out on a date and ease into a relationship
It only took a few months for me to say I love you
But instead of her saying I love you using my real name
She used my nickname instead
I finally felt like my real name was lost
And I forgot who I was
I have never asked myself who I am
Until that day when the love of my life didn't know who I was

I'm not sure where this came from. I was listening to a Modest Mouse song called Make Everyone Happy/Mechanical Birds which really inspired me. Since a lot of things are going on in my life, I have questioned who I was many times. I'm still trying to figure out who I am.

I hope you enjoy!