Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Aryan Brotherhood

Immediate family is not privileged to enter
Said the two ton guard at the foot of the hospital door
How does that even happen at a hospital
I thought family members were the only ones allowed in
My brother was caught in a fire and was nearly burnt alive
He has two giant guards watching his door as if he was part of something bigger
Of course, I am jealous of my brother since he gets all the attention
He went into the line of work that I was planning on attending
However, after seeing his stature, maybe I'll reconsider
I asked the guards if I could go in now, five minutes after the first time
Are you immediate family
Asked the dumbfounded guard even though I just talked to him
No, I am not immediate family, we have no blood relation
Then you are allowed in at once
I am so confused by our interaction, but did not question it
I walked into the room to find my brother peering out the window
He had bandages wrapped around his entire head, arms and legs
I asked him what happened and if he would be ok
My brother replied with a grin
A prison riot, six are dead, six are in intensive care, six men did all of this
The Brotherhood is out to get me it seems since this is the sixth time I have been here
If I die during the next prison riot, make sure mother knows it was for a good cause
Not some faction who believes in an unworthy cause
I promised my brother I would tell our mother a lie so she would not be scared
My brother is tough as nails, but being a guard and ex-prision inmate does not look good for him

I hope you enjoy!


I spot with my red eye too many people that will end up dying.
I can sense their fears, horrid nightmares and uneasiness.
The flight was supposed to take off hours ago, but the PA said no.
To my understanding, Hell takes decades to get to after death.
This purgatory is brutal since the oldest burial has lived half of his life here.
When a newcomer enters, the personnel graciously gives them a seat.
Unknowingly, they sit, fiddle with their cold dead hands, and go mad.
The wait is excruciating and the time is never-ending, Hellbent even.
Look out the left window, Hell is waiting for me to arrive.
Look out the right window, Hell does not seem so bad, when it revolves around lust.
I need to get out of here soon before I open the door and fall out of this plane.
Ding. "You may now remove your seat belts. We are approaching our destination."

I hope you enjoy!


My recreational sport involves over-thinking when necessary.
The science of the sport requires me to aim true without much movement.
If I let go with the correct trajectory, my target will be hit without pressure.
The resistance is only 18 grams or so with a crazy flight pattern.
It stabs my opponents in the heart each time I hit dead center.
Red, green and black is all the colors I need to see.
When it comes down to it, I lose all control when I stare long enough.
My mind is clear of all reasoning, I must hit the target.

I have been playing darts like a sap lately. I finally discovered a way to throw that is more beneficial so hopefully I can play to my level again. Wish me luck.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hold Tight and Fly High

Hold tight and fly high
Accept nobody that is a sight for sore eyes
Look at their face, judge ferociously
If there is a blemish, act like a precocious child
A traitor to their own habits
When looking in the mirror, seeing a jabot face
Beauty never lies in the eyes of the beholder
Since the beholder is the same as the atonement
There is love and kindness in their heart
Yet, shallow rules over all
Be profound, do not judge inappropriately
Talk to them even with a roseate color under their eyes
Confide with them the attention they deserve
Hold their hand tight and fly high with them

I hope you enjoy!

Texas Chainsaw

Hey mama, said the adolescent with the chainsaw
What are you doing with that, asked the fearing mother
Nothing, said the soon-to-be mental patient
Can I have that, asked the forgiving parent they never asked for
Maybe later, said the "Rudimentary, My Dear" accent
I am going to run for my life, thought the redundant mother
You are going no where, said the overzealous young boy
Speak up before he kills you, thought the fearful mother
Your face looks pretty tonight, said the suicidal tendency persona
Thank you, said the crossed-eye woman staring at death
Goodbye mother, said the one named Leatherface

I am not sure how I came up with this one. I wrote it last week but forgot to post it. There is no real inspiration, I just wrote it.

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No Biggie, God

Doomsday is right around the corner.
If you don't believe me, take a peek.
As you can see, people are not worth saving.
I tell them to fall right off the side of the world.
While yes, it is a long drop, you will still be alive.
Just an eternity in the depths of hell, no biggie.
Are you asking if it is hot down there?
Not really, just tons of dudes in pain and misery, no biggie.
You say that you heard that someone's wife died,
And was taken to hell by accident?
Then the man went to hell to try to save her soul?
This sounds like a movie plot, but I don't make mistakes like that.
Many of your friends are down there waiting for you.
They have so much to tell you and want you to not worry.
They will take good care of you down there.
The end of the world is upon us.
Do not forget to tuck and role if caught on fire.
It may save your life for a little longer,
But at least you are getting out of the frying pan.
If you want to join me, try your best to stay calm.
It is a real testament to join me and my followers.
No biggie though, everyone has some place they must go.

I hope you enjoy!

All Hail Frog

I worship the green one
As you hop along the mossy trail
Let it be know that I will never fail you
Your skin is soft and mouth wide
I can never take my eyes off your hide
I will jump with you over a cliff
Grab food from a mid-air lift
Gift you not only riches but lily pads too
I do this because I worship you

I who has licked thee
Will see the future completely
Those spots on your back
Hypnotize me which produce facts
Life has meaning when I follow you
Into the depths of the murky water
Your eggs will be protected
By my keen benevolence
No one will mess up your eloquence

I am not sure what inspired me to write about a frog that was being worshiped. My book I am writing does mention things about different Gods, but I did not think of that while writing this.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Paying for College

A benefactor once came and took my hand
They not only relinquished gold and silver
But placed a beating heart in my palm
What was I supposed to do with this heart

I threw it away, not thinking about the consequences
I started having chest pains afterwards
My nervous system made it hard for me to walk
Blood was never going to my fingers

Each minute I wasted, my life was deteriorating
I had no idea that the benefactor gave me my own heart
It was right in front of me on a platter
And yet, I threw it away like it was nothing

My body cannot take this much longer
Where did my benefactor go
Can they gave me another heart
I need money to live

College is expensive. However, when people find out they are not getting money for a reason they had no idea about, they start freaking out. If you do not meet certain requirements, the money will not come to save you.

I hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sweep the Leg Old Man

Corn stalks rise from the grave
And old man stalks his prey
The corn stalks try to pop
It makes the old man stop

Do not eat me, yelled the corn stalk
Eat me, yelled the popped corn
The old man did not know which to choose
He takes a handful of each and starts to loose it

Chomp, chomp, chomp, both are eaten
At the same time, this sweeten the deal
Kernels were being lodged in his mouth
Corn was stuck in all parts of his mouth

A mammoth corn stalk appears from the horizon
Why do you eat my children, asked the woman stalk
I eat for it told me to eat, I eat for it taste delicious
Get over here so I can eat you, explained the old man

The mammoth corn stalk starts to leap
Down she goes with a giant sweep
Her leaves that held her up are no longer there
The old man swept the leg, and all is fair

I did not know it would end like this, but The Karate Kid influenced me. Sweep the leg Johnny.

I hope you enjoy!

Kill Streak Wallet

Redeem twenty tokens
Said the futurist machine
That had metal eyeballs
Staring into my soul
It is my guilty pleasure
To play these games
I lose money every time
But it is so addicting
The control are simple
The gameplay is not creative
Why do I play such a plain game
Because it passes time
Go here and do that
Kill him or a scarier version of him
Boss battles are meticulous
Jump platform to platform
Watch a cut scene or two
Skip a cut scene or two
Continue killing everyone
This repetitiveness is what I live for
Gaming is my life
Take my twenty tokens
I am on a kill streak
My wallet is dying

Video games are everywhere right now. I am getting the Xbox One soon enough! I am pretty excited. However, I feel like gaming is wasting money at times. It is a very expensive hobby when you think about it.

I hope you enjoy!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Haiku Sea

A ledge has a breeze
That pushes people to see
What is happening

Undermine the breeze
Stay put until the blue sea
Captures a seaman

The people might be
Scared to leap with a seaman
Drowning in the sea

The seaman is dead
People start to scream foresee
The sea eating me

Each stanza is a haiku. I wanted to do one haiku, but rather have an experimental poem instead.

I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Not Royals

But everyone is like goats teeth, gray goose, eating in the bathroom
Blood strains, blog grounds, tracking the hotel room
We don't care, we're buying Cadillacs in our dreams
But everybody's like crystal, meth-bach, diamonds on your dime piece
Jet plain, eye lands, Tigger on a gold quiche
We don't care, we aren't caught up in your love, a flare

I know I am not the only one who gets these lyrics confused. So I went a little further to stretch those lyrics. I pasted the real lyrics below, and as you can see, mine are better.

But every song's like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin' in the bathroom
Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room,
We don't care, we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams.
But everybody's like Cristal*, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece.
Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash.
We don't care, we aren't caught up in your love affair.

I hope you enjoy!

A Frozen Treat

There is no greater joy!

Than taking the first bite

Out of ice cream...

That is over one year old

The flavor does not matter
There is no flavor by now
If it was chocolate
It most likely taste like vanilla
Or an aged chocolate bar
Any spoon will bend with regularity
Hot water would turn it to mush
Maybe the trash is well suited for this

But wait!

It is ice cream...

That is over one year old...

I will eat it!

I bought some ice cream at the campus I work at. I looked on the bottom and I think it was made and had been in the freezer since 10/26. I was pissed when my spoon broke and the peanut butter was clumped together. I still ate it.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Squirrely Situation

A fat squirrel crawls into a dark space
He realizes that this is not his place
It was too late
A beaver crawls in and takes a chomp at him
Those two big front teeth nearly gave him a trim
The fat squirrel realizes this is his fate
But wait
There is a hole on the other side of the dam
He scurries away like he saw a man
The beaver is closing in, tail flapping left and right
It is too tight, thought the squirrel
He sucks in his gut and pushes his way through
I can see the light, blinded the squirrel
The beaver was stuck inside his dam
I will get you next time, he throws a tiny can
The squirrels looks down and what does he see
His large gut was missing
Winter is close and he weighed less than before
I better gobble up some nuts, and then sleep some more

I thought this was a nice poem. There are tons of squirrels on campus right now and tons of them are getting fat.

I hope you enjoy!


A lone pearl protrudes from her ring
She does not care for diamonds
Her dress is made of coral reefs
She does not care for a white dress
The veil looks as if she is under the sea
She does not care for a traditional veil
Her bouquet includes marine algae and seagrass
She does not care for a rose nor lily
There is not altar but the open sea
She does not care for a big wedding
Her husband is prince charming
She does not care for an average man
Snout-to-snout that touch and exchange
She does not care for hippocampus bargibanti

I thought about making this sound like the Little Mermaid, but then thought it would be funny if they were seahorses. The random inspiration I had to make this poem is hearing on the radio that Pearl Jam is coming to town.

I hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nightmares On Campus

I walk around campus and what do I see
People walking, running, talking, laughing
The same old verbs that make me tired
Of watching students walk around campus

What if instead people were killing
Zombies raided the dorms
Werewolves controlled the parking lots
And Witches act as the Deans

A mangled body hanging from the parking garage
Two human eyeballs in a zombies mouth
Some sort of skeleton cloud above the school
This Hell might be Heaven on Earth for some

Instead of hurrying around campus
I may watch all of this unfold
Who would get away and why
This sounds like fun if you can survive

Halloween is over, but it is still fun imagining things like this on campus. I'm going to get the Xbox One and pick up Dead Rising 3. Maybe all this zombie madness inspired this poem. I cannot wait.

I hope you enjoy!

Parallel Phrasing

Tedious rumors are rumors until proven tedious
Relationship follies make football follies seem laughable at best
Players play meaningless sports with balls in play
Pens never erase like pencils but both spell words like pen and souls
Music never sounds musically sound until sound proves the music
A writer is inclined to write about writing techniques that require a writer
Phrasing a phrase is easier phrased than done

I had fun with this one. As you can see, everything is basically a circle. When it comes to much of the poetry I have read in the past, it does this circle. Instead of being straight to the point, it keeps on going round and round.

I hope you enjoy!

The Heartbeat

Horror in the eyes of the beholder
The heart never stumbles but it can tremble
If its beat stops, then life is over
But give it a scare and life experiences something new
That sensation, a fear rather than happiness
Run as fast as the heart can
Close the eyes and dream of it stopping all at once
Fear can consume the mind
Make the heart do unbelievable things
A rush of blood to other organs
While the throat clenches for air
Tiny hairs take a stand
Fingers tremble hard enough to drop
Terror seeps into the mind
Where the mind will never sleep
Thoughts rush to the heart
Creates a paranoia feeling
Where eyes wished they were in the back
Instead of the front
Horror brings upon many unfathomable emotions
It does not stop the heart
It keeps it going
Beating for its life

It was late when writing this and I started reading some H.P. Lovecraft inspired stories. I hope they don't scare me, but they probably will.

I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rainbow Pride

Red pride, killing prospect
Orange pride, filming concepts
Yellow pride, calling bomb threats
Green pride, drinking relapse
Blue pride, saving project
Indigo pride, ruling complex
Violet pride, sinking conquest

I took the main colors of the rainbow and made them into a poem. Now, each line represents something different to me. It is interesting that each color can remind of us something different.

I hope you enjoy!

Faux Box

I drop the sticks
Into a box
Hope they morph
Into a polygon
It does not matter
What shape or size
An enclosure is great
What is the prize
The polygon of course
With no way out
Place a dot inside
What is this lout
This is no polygon
The lines did not form
Pick up sticks
My feelings are torn
I was hoping for a shape
Instead I get nothing
Just sticks on the ground
My heart is rushing
I am playing with matches
They can create no fire
These sticks are useless
This box is a liar
The box said
It can make any shape
Create mass havoc
I must dictate
I drop the sticks
Into this box
They will not morph
What is this faux

Simple yet complicated. The rhyme scheme is easy to find, but what is the real significance of the box. Also, pick-up-sticks, anybody remember that game?

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Red, Green, White and Blue

Red, green and white
My nations flag that sways all day and night
I always get looks when I walk outside my house
People love to glare and yell at my spouse
Even though I am white, I support my woman's race
I make a case to my friends, and commend their demands
To cut up the red, green and white
My hairless chihuahua was on a leash outside
And someone stopped by to cut it lose
It let out a loud whimper, and was not at t bell
The poor little guy might have gone to hell
I miss him mucho, could you please, por favor
Not mess with mi family and me
We did not jump the boarder nor drive a hydraulic car
Not only did we take the test and became a citizen
We missed four questions on the test
And support this country more than the best
If you look to the right of our flag
You can see the red, white and blue
Let us support two nations and show our true colors
Red, green, white and blue

I am half-hispanic. If you look at me, I do not really look the part. I support both nations, but do not throw flags out their. I just hate that some people are being discriminated by their country and colors.

I hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Every Picture You Take

A picture in less than a thousand words
All I need is one word when looking at a picture of you
That sums up every picture I see you in
Your hair can be all over the place
Your hands could be mutilated into some weird sign
Your skin can be as red as a cherry
Whenever I look at you, all I see is beauty
I love looking at pictures of you
Especially the ones I am not in
Sure, you never asked me to be in a picture with you
But I do not mind
I am more of a onlooker than a poser
If you catch a glimpse of me in the background
I was not trying to photobomb you
I just was trying to get a better look at you
I love watching you

Freaky right? I am pretty sure there are people like this. Just ask The Police, they wrote a song all about this, in a weird way.

I hope you enjoy!

Free Agent

Blockbuster deals and one day rentals
I was once a star, but now I live in my car
They call me up from the shambles of life
To get back on the field and put up a fight
I never understood their reasoning
And small paycheck I'll earn
I do my job to the best of my abilities
But yearn for so much more
A ball is never thrown my way
I take up bench space during difficult times
If I am ever called in, it's not because I'm special
I only play on special teams since that is where
All the spare players go
If I make one tackle, my coach will not cheer
My buddies on the sideline hate me I fear
I come off the streets
Take the blunt of the force
I tackle my enemy and show no remorse
I am a free agent

How it would suck to be a free agent in football. If a team is desperate, they will pick someone up out of thin air. I bet there are players who lived in their cars before being called in. Football is my favorite sport, but I bet it has a lot of shadiness to it.

I hope you enjoy!

One Month

Writing, writing, that's all I do
I want to right a book
Just for you
It may be long
It may be bad
It's my understanding that it could be sad

This is a little teaser for everyone. I am writing a book at the same time updating these poems. The poem is more like a nursery rhyme making fun of someone. I have a lot of writing ahead of me.

I hope you enjoy!